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Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Thu, Apr 06, 2017

Free.pngAs a marketing & sales guy, I really dislike the word "FREE". 

-I've learned that "nothing in life is really free"

-i know that "FREE" focuses everything on "THE PRICE".

-I want to talk "Lifetime Value", but the focus is on "FREE", 

-"FREE" is usually one time; "VALUE" lasts forever



Having said all of that, I'm sitting here writing this this morning with my free Dunkin' that came from my Dunkin' Rewards app.

Plus, I know from teaching marketing at Tufts and practicing Sales & Marketing Productivity in our firm that by using the word "FREE" in a email or blog title, there's a 10% higher open rate.  A cheap trick, I know, but it usually works, so now that I have your attention...

Here's the Deal !

Tufts Bookstore-1.jpgAs you know, I have been teaching a Marketing course at Tufts for the past nine years, and this semester I kicked off a "Science of Sales" course this semester.

Both courses are mostly populated with juniors and seniors plus a few "management in engineering" grad students.  Well balanced between Inbound and Outbound Marketing and Selling, both courses focus heavily on market research, the creation of formal processes, and the use of a wide variety of tools and technologies that capture the buyer's journey from initial awareness to closing deals to fully engaging customers for life time value creation. 

The uniqueness of the course is that each semester the students "go to work" over the period of 13 weeks in teams of five in six different projects provided by real companies.  That's six companies for the Marketing course and an additional six companies for the Sales course each semester.  In some cases, these are projects that provide the company with a complete marketing or a sales plan that covers everything from market research to campaign tactics.  In many cases, these marketing or sales plans focus on new product launches or brand revitalizations.  

Interested?  BTW, it's FREE...

If you're interested in participating for the fall, 2017 semester, here's the general timeline:

  • If you're interested, all you need to do first is just email me telling me a little bit as to what you have in mind, and and I'll send you back the Instruction Sheet which gives you all of the dates and requirements.  
  • I'll then set up a telecon with you to answer questions and walk you through the details.  I do not need to make decisions until early June, but experience has taught me that all of this reviewing of ideas and follow on discussions takes time.  It may also be that I can plug one of my talented students or alums into your company right now as interns or full time employees to fill an immediate need.
  • The fall syllabus and the six projects for each course are sent to the students on July 5th. Immediately, they have research work to do, teams that need to be formed, a ton of reading to start, and they need to activate and get certified on their Hubspot software platforms that will provide the technology for their work. All of my students must be Hubspot certified by the end of the semester. By the time of the first class in early September, they are already deep into these projects.


outstanding.pngIn one word, the results and the testimonials over the semesters have been "OUTSTANDING".  Not only have the management teams used the "O" word, but company after company have returned for additional projects for additional products or new research.  

In this just-launched, new Sales class, two of the four companies are past customers from projects completed by the Marketing class.

So, that's "THE FREE"...BUT, wait..."THERE'S MORE"

Remember the old Veg-O-Matic commercials... there was always "more" !

The same with me and Tufts, since I also have right now a number of highly qualified marketing and sales students available right for summer intern and full time positions.  

  • I can take you through who is available
  • I can put you directly in touch with the highly qualified Tufts Career Services

Interested?  Just connect with me by text, email or LI

Great Selling Today!  It's going to be a great Quarter!


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