Strategic and Business Planning

We are experts in providing our customers with both longer term strategic and short and mid-term business planning.

Over the past twenty years, we have had the experience of facilitating strategic and business planning on an ongoing basis for literally hundreds of companies ranging from brand new emerging high tech, venture-backed businesses to larger industrial manufacturing companies to regional accounting and law firms to public banks and to larger corporations and public entities such as Steinway & Sons, Chase Corporation, Divisions of Fidelity, The Massachussets Gaming Commision and the Boston Police Department.

We believe that we have a unique planning process that guarantees management buy-in among all of the members of the senior management team, measures sales, marketing, operations and financial performance, and re-engages the team quarterly to refresh and update their operating and tactical commitments that they have made to the business and to one another.

These highly interactive programs range from full day “whiteboarding” sessions at our Boston office to two and three day offsite retreats either in Greater Boston at the University Club of Boston or a wide selction of hotels, at the MIT Endicott House, or at our spacious Conference Center at The Stratton Mountain Club in nearby Southern Vermont.

We strongly believe that the best corporate strategies are those that are totally integrated into the culture and daily operations of the business. In our work as Facilitators and Coaches of strategic planning, we assist our customers by defining and executing long-term strategic plans. We provide a variety of methods through which strategic directions are openly discussed and analyzed in order to measure sales performance and build a fully developed tactical business plan with complete buy-in among the management and directors.

We involve all of the senior management in a unique and creative process aimed at integrating the current business issues with the required future strategic planning. With corporate visions and core strategies established, we lead management through a tactical process of creating a pragmatic business plan along with meaningful quarterly departmental operating plans.

Additionally, we specialize in working with all levels of your sales and marketing teams to create both strategic and operating quarterly business plans for the company and for individual territories, product lines and business units.

If outside financing is required, we also provide direct assistance in creating financial plans and venture or private equity fundraising if desired.

Most importantly, we create the operational management links of...

  • complete buy-in on the part of all management
  • management accountability everywhere in the organization
  • planning team responsibility
  • paced urgency through the entire management team.

As management coaches, we continue to work with senior managers to ensure consistent management focus. We also provide our customers with an ongoing monthly or quarterly review process that ensures that management performance is maximized through the year.

Email Jack at, and he will set up a conference call with you and either him or one of his managers.  That's where it all begins