Increase Your Sales Productivity by >20% this year 

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Our forecast for 2024 is very positive with some necessary caution due to the unknowns of the Ukraine and Israeli-Palestine wars and the uncertainties and the distractions of the U.S. Elections   Our attitude to these unknows is that was cannot affect any of that...except by voting, of course.   But, when we can do, and which will have tremendous impact and our revenues for this year is to update our sales and marketing process through more formality, new tools better analytics and more powerful technology platforms.  

We will work closely with you and your sales team to facilitate sales processes that will improve your sales productivity by more than 20%, while focusing on everyone to deliver true customer value exactly as today's  customers expect it to be delivered.   This is a time not of features and benefits, but of delivering customer value both corporately and personally to our buyers.

We bring to your sales team the processes, the integrated tools, the metrics, and heavily experienced skills along with consultative sales training and hands-on coaching that provide you with the ability to focus on...

             Job #1: Increasing the productivity of your sales team.

Following the Covid year of 2020, in 2021-2023 , we worked hands-on with our customers to create highly customized approaches to the science of Sales, since we knew then that the profession of Sales was never going back to "the old days" of 2019. 

In 2023, in a year of financial uncertainties, where we preached in January of that year that a recession would not occur, and it was time for everyone to put their hard hats on and get back to work and focus on what they could control, we took our consulting to a new level of planning processes and technologies.  This year in 2024 we're even more focused on our proven sales and marketing strategies of...

                                Process, Tools, Technology, Metrics & People

Sales Funnel 2023-3We know from deep experience that our sales processes coupled with the integrated sales tools and technologies that we deliver will impact the productivity of your sales team significantly in six months after  working with us . We're judged on our success, so we will stick with you during that time for periodic reviews and added training where needed.  Most importantly, these same processes and tools will drive everyone on your sales team to deliver the business value that your customers expect from your company.  


As with all of our services, we customize our approach to your sales organization through customized processes, and tools to fit comfortably with your team and your products specifically driven to meeting your 2024 objectives.  
We provide detailed 2024 Sales Planning: 

We work closely with you and your sales team to provide detailed territory and key account sales plans, complete with implementation tactics and account activity plans.  All these plans are then integrated into easy-to-execute sales processes and tools that fit perfectly into your CRM.  If you want to overall your CRM, we're longtime certified agency partners for HubSpot providing a full suite of services from concept to  customized integration to specialized engineering services.  
  • Additionally, we provide hands-on skills training in both our virtual or F2F sales boot camps. 
  • We use the unique facilities of MIT's Endicott House on easy-to-travel-to-Rte. 95, or at the comfort of the University Club of Boston, or in the summer at my lab at Tufts University in Medford.
-We provide the foundation for a sales process and then customize it to become yours.
-We provide the sales tools that embed into that process.
-We provide the technology sales and marketing tools as a HubSpot partner.
-We provide the management and quarterly review structure.
-We will also provide the recruiting of salespeople and management if you want.

Detailed Sales Channel Analysis

We work with both senior managers and individual salespeople, reps, and distributors to understand and execute within the requirements of your selling process as defined by your customers and your markets.

Compensation and Incentive Planning

As heavily experienced sales professionals, we understand the needs of salespeople. We work with senior management to develop meaningful compensation and incentive programs for direct salespeople, manufacturers’ reps, and distributors.

Sales Management Recruiting 

We've worked in Sales for decades as salespeople in the field, on the phones and as managers at every level in both tiny companies and global enterprises across a wide diversity of markets.  As a result, we also understand more exactly what it takes not only to recruit and onboard the best, but to ensure that those salespeople remain with your company.  Our value to you is that we recruit faster, with more exactness, and a cost typically less than those recruiters who only dial for dollars and have never sold in the real world.