Marketing Optimization 

We create highly effective Marketing processes which allow you to reach your customers efficiently in today’s very complex and rapidly changing markets. We bring you the processes, the tools, and our heavily experienced skills along with consultative Marketing and Sales training and hands-on coaching that provide you with the ability to focus on Jobs #1 & #2: 

#1:  Create more business value for your customers. 

#2:  Increase the productivity of your sales team by 25+%

We can then implement those strategies including building and optimizing your website.

Marketing Plan-2-2Marketing Process Building

Working closely with your marketing team, we facilitate the building of customized marketing processes that enhance your marketing effectiveness, dramatically increasing the number and quality of your leads while bringing Sales and Marketing closely together into a cohesive team to close more sales more quickly.  

We're a team of highly experienced Sales and Marketing people, and clearly understand that Marketing's bottom line job is to work closely with Sales and deliver more qualified leads and business value to our customers!

Detailed Marketing Planning

We work closely with Marketing and senior management in providing detailed annual and quarterly reviews of your marketing strategy, your processes, your campaigns, tools, KPI's and implementation tactics. 

  • We provide detailed reviews of what you're currently doing.
  • We can take you from strategy to tactics to implementation to more sales.
  • We provide the tools, the systems, the metrics and the platforms.
  • We can provide the people.

Build Value Propositions and CoM- "The Command of the Message"

We work with senior managers, Sales, Marketing and other team members to create exacting Value Propositions tied directly to your personas for all of your internal and external messaging.  

Our Bottom Line: We work with you to deliver exacting Customer Value!

Customer Surveys & Focus Groups- "The Customer’s Voice”

Using a unique and highly interpretative data collection system, we provide a variety of survey formats that interpret exactly what your customers and prospects really think about your company, your salespeople, and your products and services.  We can take you from online surveys, to telephone interviews to focus groups.