Facilitating Strategy and Business Planning Offsites

Over 25 years, we have found that, unfortunately, most business plans we review are no better than “fair” to “poor” in structure and presentation. Typically the plan’s content is reasonably good, but problems arise because it's simply too difficult to dig out the important information from reams of unnecessary material.

In this step-by-step, easy-to-read, comprehensive introduction on exactly how to write a business plan, we will:

  • Guide you, the senior manager, in structuring, formatting and presenting your business plan.
  • Supply you with a few “Rules of the Road” as to how investors, bankers, and - most importantly - your managers and other readers will look at your business plan. 
  • Push you to reduce your thoughts into simple language that will move the reader—whether an outside investor or an internal manager—to clearly understand where you’re headed, what strategies you plan to follow, and, what you plan to do on arrival.

So whether you are an entrepreneur working on your early stage startup, or a senior manager panning your next product launch, download your FREE copy TODAY by filling out the form to the right.

If the download does not work, simply email Jack at jack@derbymanagement.com to send you a copy by email. Let us know what you think about the content and if you would like to add content of your own in the next edition in January, 2020.