Only 15 Left-Don’t Forget About “The Other People”

Posted by Lynton Web Team on Wed, Dec 08, 2010

Way too often as hard charging salespeople-especially now when we’re pushing for the close-we forget about what really has to happen to close a deal…and get the actual purchase order.

Sometimes it’s because we have “Happy Ears”, and all we want to hear is “You’ve got the order”.  Sometimes it merely is because we’ve haven’t done a good job of questioning at the Discovery stage. But, the key is this process is the recognition for those complex deals that someone in Legal needs to review the paperwork and someone in Purchasing is going to have to actually issue a purchase order.

Check it out with your Champion today, and make sure that you don’t accept, “don’t worry about it…getting through Legal or Purchasing…won’t be a problem.”.  I will guarantee that it will be a problem in the final days of the month when you suddenly find out that the Purchasing Manager is out on vacation.

Rule of thumb: Leave absolutely nothing to chance…especially now.

Good Selling Today !  Let’s make each of these days count !!!

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