For planning for '22, first enjoy this weekend!

Just before we jump into the deep end of the pool next Tuesday, it might be worthwhile to think about approaching this year's planning season by looking out over two horizons and dividing your business plan into both the first and second halves of 2022.

Normally, I'm not in favor of this tactic since any solid management team should be able to forecast out for a full year based on their outline of identified assumptions that have been developed and fully bought into by the team.  Those assumptions are the critical component of any good business plan and require detailed departmental plans supporting them...but you already know that. 

Next Friday, I'll provide a few tactical ideas as to how you might approach this year's 2022 planning process with your team.   I'll also give some insight as to my recent interview with Forbes on what prompted our gift to Tufts.  


This Friday, as in today... should be thinking about little else other than enjoying the long weekend, getting time with family and friends and clearing your head for what we predict will be a very strong end of 2021, which will test all of us as managers.



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