"No School, All Schools, All Day...and Sales"

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Thu, Feb 09, 2017

When I grew up in Greater Boston, we had one "device" in the house, and that was one AM radio in my parent's bedroom.  No Internet?  We would never have even been able to comprehend the concept.  No, no Internet.  In fact, no TV.

"No schools, all schools in Arlington". 

no school.jpgOn a day like today, by 6:00 AM, my brothers and I would be huddled around that one radio carefully listening to the rapid-fire announcer from the one authorized radio station, WBZ, to announce... "No schools, all schools, all day in Arlington".  Massive confusion however, did set in if one were to, God forbid, miss the announcement, or "Arlington" was slurred over, and just maybe it was "Abington" instead. If it were not clear, then the list would not be repeated for another 15 minutes, and by that time, there was total pandemonium everywhere in the household given that the alternative was being late or possibly missing a day at school...never a good option.

Granted the reality of this history lookback was "more than just a few years ago", but, in reality, that time frame is a tiny speck of dust when viewed across 150+ years of "electronic communication" since the invention of the telegraph in 1837 by Samuel Morse and the telephone by Bell and Morse in 1876, (but in fact had numbers of fathers and mothers)

What's the takeaway this morning as we wait for "The Storm of '17"

  • Everything we use for communicating with our customers today is, by definition, obsolete today.
  • The multiplicity of communication devices and channels is increasing exponentially, and it's our job as professional salespeople to get on board, become as fluent as our customers expect us to be and never complain.  That includes creating processes that never lose critical docs because one did not have an easy means to check not just Outlook, but also LI, Messenger and texts, all at the same time 
  • In fact, as trusted  partners and strategic advisors, we should be the innovators of, and the coaches to our customers, encouraging them with the most efficient and effective best ways to communicate with us at anytime, anywhere, 24/7...since that's the world all of us live in.
  • Bottom line:  In the rapidly evolving worlds of Sales 3.0 and Marketing X.0, there is only one choice we have as professional Sales Players and Coaches, and that is to also rapidly evolve, to study more, and to always put ourselves in the seats of the people "on the other side of the table" in order to figure out the absolute best communication processes that bring our customers more value...and us more orders.

A Superb Day for Selling!...since it appears that, here in the Northeast, it all schools, all day

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