the science & guessing of forecasting...

First, on what looks like a spectacular weatha' day here on the NH beach, I'm officially declaring today as "The End of Winta".  I'm Done.  It's Over.  Totally Finished! 

walking last day of FebruaryGiven the seemingly-hardened forecast all week, I purposefully did not make the weekly Wednesday night drive from Tufts to my tiny town of Winhall, VT (pop. 769) since I wanted to be on the beach at sunrise today welcoming in what's been forecasted all week to be a sun-filled day in the 70's.   But, as all of us know in the professional of Sales, "forecasts" are just that, and forecasting is always tough work no matter how analytical and tech-driven it becomes.   


Right now, even with a spectacular full moon shining, the exact current forecast for today is...

  • dense fog advisory until 10
  • currently 44 degrees 
  • showers
  • partly sunny with 64 

Forecasting is tough work!

I'll happily survive the reality of being on the beach this morning whether it's yesterday's forecast of brilliant sun all day, or this morning's re-forecast of "no or some sun", "fog or maybe fog" and temps either at 64 or 72.  All good since after all..."I'm on the beach", which is never a bad place to be!

But, as I put on my Sales hat around 7:30, I'm planning (not hoping) on closing two $40,000 deals today given that all my Hubspot analytics are dialed in at 100%. 

  • My confidence level is super high at 95%
  • My last-minute confirming calls are already scheduled for this morning 
  • C-level hard commitments have been made all week and confirmed again Wednesday

...but there's still those pesky signatures that need to be received today, and as we all know in Sales, it ain't over, until it's over, and the deal is signed for. 

Am I confident? Absolutely!  But I also have two more backup deals on schedule...just in case!

Have a great day selling today...and enjoy the weekend!  

it's Time to re-forecast your '22 sales plan

Jack Derby, Tufts Professor & Sales Coach Your well-planned 2022 Sales Plan that you architected in November, revised and got approved in December and rolled out perfectly at your January sales kickoff now needs a tune-up. 

As that infamous philosopher, Mike Tyson, once noted "no plan survives the first punch!".  It's time, once the quarter's done, to immediately spend a day with the team during the first week of April and walk through and argue out your entire tactical plan for Q2 and Q3.     

Here's a 2022 guide to help or just connect with me anytime!  

Derby Entrepreneurship Center@Tufts. 

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