Boot Camp Testimonials

a few examples from our graduates...

"Just a quick note of thanks for the great boot camp this week.  You gave me a valuable gift these last few pushed and stretched and challenged my thinking and for that Jack, I'm deeply in your debt.  I thoroughly enjoyed the program and got a tremendous amount from it that I can use to me keep pushing Admiral Metals forward."  - Tony Kenneally, VP Sales & Marketing, Admiral Metals

"Quite honestly I entered skeptical that this old war horse would learn much and certain that I would end up another 300 emails and 20 phone calls behind when I returned to work on Wednesday. By noon on Monday I knew I was wrong. By Monday evening I was sending emails to my staff making sure they signed our company up with Twitter, Face Book, and LinkedIn etc. Everyone on the staff is also now registered with Forrester, Sirius Decisions and Brainshark blogs. You and George reassured me regarding many things we are already doing right and changed my mind about some other things we either need to do or need to do differently.  The emails and the phone calls can wait another day. I want to set in motion the ideas you planted (before I forget) Thanks again!"- Edward McCarthy, General Manager N.A. & Sales Director, Alexander Technologies

"...I want to thank you for a wonderful experience.  In truth I wasn't really enthralled about the idea when it was first presented to me, but then I thought "what the heck, maybe this old dog could learn something new', and I am so glad I reconsidered. I did learn some new things, but more importantly, the Boot Camp reinforeced many of the things we already to and gave me even more confidence moving forward. What you presented will keep us focused and grounded as we continue.  Once again, thanks!. You are all a class act!"  -Jim Thomsen, EVP, Vidacare Corporation

“I want to thank you for an excellent Boot Camp.  It was very worthwhile on many fronts. First of all the content was very, very good and presented in a superior manner.  I think the focus that you bring to metric analysis, accountability, data driven approaches to everything (with your empirical data is very worthwhile). Carl and I are glad that we took the 48 hours out of the office to spend on these topics.  I thought the group was outstanding.  Generally I spend zero time with people in sales and management outside of my industry or target verticals; however, my bias was proven wrong and I got a lot out of the people from other segments.”  -Ed Mallen, CEO, Time Trade

"Just wanted to say again that Bootcamp was a very productive 3 days. The material is very useful and I have a list of ideas and things to implement at OwnerIQ. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with peers -- those doing the same job I do -- to share war stories, ideas and processes." - Connie Johnson, VP Sales, Owner IQ

Ken and I wanted to thank you both very much for the incredible experience you both provided over that past three days of the TEN program. It was inspiring, insightful and confirmed that our efforts are moving in the right direction. -Michael J. Margiotta, CEO, eHealth Global Technologies, LLC

“It was an outstanding program.” ; “A great mix of attendees.”; “Jack himself was very credible, very engaged in the business, and tied together real life, examples & stories.”; “I would rate it very highly and would recommend other senior sales leaders at MFS t go through the program.”; “It was time very, very well spent.”- Tom Jessee, Senior Vice President of Sales, MFS

Just a short note to say thank you so much giving me the opportunity to participate in your sales optimization boot camp earlier this week. This was by far the most high value two-day session I have experienced in many years. The energy, passion and experience you brought to the session was contagious and motivating and enables open minds that certainly helped me take away some very key learnings. -Jack Zimmerman, VP Sales & Marketing, Current Analysis

"It was great catching up with you this week during the Sales Effectiveness Boot Camp. I truly enjoyed the program and have already started implementing many of the tools and techniques learned during the training. I found great value in the discussion we had about building Sales Plans and Sales Process. I look forward to communicating Sales Effectiveness with my Sales Leadership Team later this month."-Jeff Duchemin, Director, US Sales, Becton Dickinson Medical - Ophthalmic Systems