Other Boot Camp Locations

In addition to our own Sales Management Boot Camps held twice a year in Boston, we also conduct other Derby Management Boot Camps on “Increasing Sales & Marketing Productivity” and on “Creating the Best Entrepreneurs.

Canada: Two to three a year

  • We run both Entrepreneurship and Sales Effectiveness Boot Camps, in partnerships with The Center of Business Development Corporation of New Brunswick, Quebec International and Newfoundland.

Upstate New York: Four a year

  • We run 4 Entrepreneurship and Sales Management Boot Camps for High Tech Rochester and the Entrepreneur's Network Program.

    I wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day of learning and connecting and seeing things from a different perspective.  Despite not having a financial background, the numbers really are the best part of the plan - nothing else can show the business success like a good "up and to the right" spreadsheet! 
    Eric Loyd

    Thank you for the wonderful presentation and for your sincere desire to help us, the budding entrepreneurs. There is so much that I need to learn about running a business that having the opportunity to have met you and George and have listened to your advice and suggestions has exponentially increased the probability to boosting my business drive and acumen and shooting for success and I'm sure with your help and guidance that I'll get there a lot faster.
    Diana Apostolova

Rhode Island: