Boot Camps in 2022...

In a virtual world, we have significantly increased our offerings facilitating a variety of Derby Management experiences:

  • Sales Management Boot Camps:  “10 Steps to increase Sales Productivity by 25%"

    These consist of 15-20 senior sales managers and presidents from a variety of companies and markets.  The content is focused on Process-Tools-Technology-People and runs very deep into tactical execution based on facts, metrics and lots of successes.
  • Sales Team Boot Camps:
    These sessions consisting of two back-to-back intensive half day work sessions are with internal sales teams focused on specific objectives.  These two sessions are followed with rapid-fire reviews every 30 days for 90 days and then quarterly reviews.
  • “Creating the Best Entrepreneurs":
    Jack is a 9 time founder/co founder of a variety of tech and not-so-tech companies.  He has raised over $840m in 54 deals and has a long history as a private investor, as past chairman of Common Angels, as Chairman of the MIT Enterprise Forum and as a managing partner in two early stage venture funds.  

    Most importantly, Jack teaches at the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center, where he has been the Director of the Center and the Cummings Professor of Entrepreneurship.  Jack is actively involved with his students not only as a professor but in working closely with them in birthing 20 to 30 companies a year as a coach, an advisor, a co-founder and a judge in Tufts' numerous business plan competitions. 

    True to our roots as successful entrepreneurs and venture investors, we also run two Entrepreneurship and Sales Management Boot Camps a year for the extraordinary entrepreneurs from Rochester, New York, where we have worked as founding partners of TEN (The Entrepreneur's Network) and today with the exciting team at
    Next Corps.

           "I wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day of learning and connecting and seeing things from a
            different perspective.  Despite not having a financial background, the numbers really are the best part
            of the plan - nothing else can show the business success like a good "up and to the right"                                spreadsheet!" 

            Eric Lloyd, CEO

           "Thank you for the wonderful presentation and for your sincere desire to help us, the budding                           entrepreneurs. There is so much that I need to learn about running a business that having the
           opportunity to have met you and George and have listened to your advice and suggestions has                       exponentially increased the probability to boosting my business drive and acumen and shooting for
           success and I'm sure with your guidance that I'll get there a lot faster"
  Diana Apostolova, CEO