...and it's Saturday...time to regen, time for sales planning, time to think

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Sat, Feb 27, 2016

 Saturday mornings are always perfect...

  • up later at 5:00 AM, not my usual in-week ritual of 3:15 to get into Boston early
  • Keurig's KenyanAA in my favorite Orvis cup
  • most non-winter weekends, walk up from the NH beach to my office in the studio
  • during VT winter weekends, same regimen, just keep an eye on the time since the lifts open at 8

Its_Saturday.jpgTypically, uncluttered time, with only a customer project or two to complete by the end of Sunday, and, most importantly, it's my time to think, to plan out the week or the month ahead by taking just a couple of hours to view the world from 100 feet off the deck.

 By spending just an hour or (at the most two) early on a Saturday morning during which time you're able to  sit back and view your world from the perspective of not being totally immersed down in the action, but  actually looking at it from the power center of you taking control of the action, I guarantee you that you will ...

  • ...quickly figure out that messy sales personnel problem that has been a pebble in your shoe for the past few weeks since, in reality, there are only two choices anyhow when viewed from the quiet of a Saturday morning.
  • ...somewhat easily scope out at least the framework for your Q2 sales activity plan in terms of days, units, trips, key accounts and resulting quota.  In reality, you know what needs to be done anyhow in building out the full construction required for Q2, but most probably you haven't had the time to view those territory building blocks and individual bricks as an architect...given that you've been down in the trenches actually mixing the mortar and scheduling the next cement trucks to arrive.
  • ...even have time to think ahead and work on your own personal sales and sales management development plan for the balance of 2016.  What more do I need to learn?  Where can I find the professional coaching that I need?  How and when do I approach my boss with my own two year personal advancement plan? What do I need to read about how to create an actual business plan, and answer the question of "just what the heck is a business plan anyhow?"  

    On this last bullet about writing business plans, if you've been thinking lately about perhaps starting your own business or just enhancing your current sales plan, take a look at our How to Write a Winning Business Plan, and then just email me to set up a time to talk to either me or any of our other coaches like George Simmons or Bob Creeden.  There's two editions on our Derby Management site-one for the start up entrepreneur who will also be out raising capital at some time, and the other for the more established business-pieces of which you might find useful for your own department or actual sales plan.

 Have a great Saturday morning !  Going to be a perfect day.  
 Gotta run off to the Stratton slopes for another day of field research.

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