You Need to be Direct in Sales! Straight Talk Always Wins!

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Tue, Sep 06, 2016

WaltGarrisonTexasCowboy.jpgWalt Garrison, who was a legendary football player at Oklahoma State and the Dallas Cowboys, often provided this quote when speaking about delivering straight talk...

"I once asked Darrell Royal, the coach of the Texas Longhorns, why he didn't recruit me."  ...and Darrell said...

"Well, Walt, we took a look at you, and you weren't any good." 

With Labor Day and the weather-perfect 'Summa of '16' now completely behind us, we have just about 19 days left in this Sales quarter to relentlessly move down the field, score some more goals and finish on plan, on schedule and on point. 

  • No "hoping" for anything!  Hail Mary passes happen only someone else's career
  • Sheer discipline and conformity to the Sales play books will make you win every single time!
  • If your Sales training isn't working, then train some more...and change the trainer!
  • Your coaching as a Sales Manager, no matter what your title, needs to be bluntly direct!  

THIS is All About Being Direct in These 19 Days

september-2016-calendar1.jpg19 days is still plenty of time to pull off this quarter while still getting everything ready and doubly prepared for the final three months.  This is the most critical time of year when, as a manager, you're not only on the field in some instances actually playing the game, but you're coaching the team through hundreds of opportunities, balancing your time between winning this quarter's game while planning ahead for Q4 and 2017.  Just remember, that at the end of the season, you'll only be remembered by the number of points posted on the scoreboard, not the great plays that you made while playing the game.

Figure out right now (it won't take you 30 minutes) where you need to have "The Big Boy" and "The Big Girl Talks" this week-before the end of the day this Friday-and then just simply move ahead.  If you've been in this profession of Sales for more than a few years, you already have the experience that no salesperson, ever, actually gets better by working alone.  Like everyone else, they need coaching and nurturing, but, most importantly, they need straight talk about what needs to happen between now and the 30th of this month.

That's why you're the Coach!  And, the blunt reality of that title is that you're the #1 reason why your team will win!

  • It's Tuesday!  
  • The Summa of 2016 is over!
  • There's plenty of time left on the clock!
  • Now, get out there and manage the hell out of these 19 days!

objectionhandlingtipsinsales.pngSince with just 19 days, we're obviously at the BOFU (bottom-of-the-funnel) stage, here's a quick refresher from my buddies at Hubspot on dealing with objections.  

So simple!  

So basic!

...but, we sometimes forget when we're on the 10 yard line.


At any time, if you want a confidential sounding board, just send me an email at  You can do the same with our other sales coaches also.

Now that the summa is over, and I'm back into the long commutes out of Boston most nights, I and my partners, who have equally long commutes, are always looking for interesting people to talk to.  It's an opportunity for heavily experienced advice; it's free, of course, and it provides you with that necessary "other set of eyes"..

Have a great selling day today!

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