I'm looking for a few good Tufts Sales-Marketing Projects-fall, 2014

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Wed, Apr 23, 2014

Tufts Marketing

Each semester at Tufts, over a period of 13 weeks, I engage 30-35 students in a unique, hands-on, tools-based experience of preparing them for the real world of business in general and specifically the complexities of working in today's exciting environment of Marketing and Sales.  As a result, I...

  • teach marketing as a set of strategies and tools: SWOT, Value Props, CMS, segmentation, pricing, and so on
  • wrap in four HBS case studies to support both marketing strategies and their use of integrated technologies
  • take road trips to Brainshark and HubSpot since we use their technology platforms in class
  • accept complex, semester-long marketing projects from six real companies 
  • assign those company projects to teams of five juniors and seniors
  • blend class content into each of the company projects

Which leads me to look for 6 new companies each semester. 

Right now, I'm taking applications for the upcoming fall, 2014 semester.  If you're interested, please email me at jack@derbymanagement.com, and I will send you an overview of what's involved and instructions.  Last November, I had 32 companies request information, and we accepted 6. Currently, I have three companies signed up, so I'm looking for three more for the fall.

A truly unique opportunity for both the companies and the students.  

...which is the primary reason why I teach.  The other reason is that the process of teaching a subject like Marketing, that changes dramatically every year, hopefully keeps me to remain on the competitive edge for both Marketing and the coming revolution in Sales.  And finally, it's a lot of rewarding fun!

Please let me know if you're interested.  

Good Selling!  Keep Running! 


Jack Derby 

Head Coach  

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