16 More-Planning Ahead

Posted by Lynton Web Team on Mon, Dec 06, 2010

Hopefully you had a great weekend and took some of my advice and spent a bit of time thinking-even in the form of a rough outline-about your Q1 sales plan. This week is really Crunch Week in terms of making any significant selling impact on the prospects in your pipeline. Next week and the following are still very important but mostly for pulling and pushing everything that you can out of the bottom of the funnel. During this week, there’s still time to focus on your selling process.

For those of you who are beginning to think about your sales plans for next year, we put together an outline that should provide you with a guideline and a few templates that should be helpful.  You can always just email me or George (george@derbymanagement.com) with your edits, comments and ideas.

Good Selling, today…

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