17 More-A Task for This Weekend

Posted by Lynton Web Team on Fri, Dec 03, 2010

The month is moving ahead on plan. Things are reasonably in your control, and hopefully you can see how you’re going to glide this ship in for a safe landing by the 31st. We’ll pick back up on a few hints on Monday for the critical week of mid December.

What you should be doing this weekend is taking a half day to map out what your game plan is for 2011. Quarter by quarter and then month by month. You should be building in a few new strategies (primary directions) for what you’re going to be doing and where you are going to focus. And then, most importantly, building a very tight Q1 tactial plan with detailed account plans, tactics, travel schedules and related costs. I’ll send out an outline on Saturday that you might want to consider using.

Do a draft this weekend and share it with your teammates or your boss on Monday. You can always pass it by me or one of my guys, and we’ll give you our comments.

Good selling today!

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