David Meerman Scott says it best about finding time

Interview: David Meerman Scott on how being a geek led to Fanocracy - The  Growth FacultyMy relationship with David goes back a decade plus when I fell across his iconic The New Rules of Marketing and PR, which, for me and my students became our bible of change.  Now having written its 7th edition, David always continues to rapidly evolve and extend that misunderstood word "Marketing" from what we used to think about marketing and PR to now the the colliding worlds of Content Marketing, Podcasting, Social Media, AI, Live Video, and Newsjacking.  For me, I've always followed the most simple definition of Marketing, which I learned from my other folk hero, Regis McKenna, in his ageless HBR essay Marketing is Everything, which when one does not overthink this word, "marketing" is just an exceptional definition.

David Meerman Scott David is a friend, and in my view, he is the high priest of what marketing is today standing out from a sea of theorists and academics who have not had their fingers deep in the dirt and real world of marketing like David has. 

Never one to sit still, he has now extended his concepts, ideas and tactics to in a leading-edge book written with his daughter, Fanocracy, Turning Fans into Customers and Customers into Fans. Well worth your time to think above and beyond where your head is today about sales and marketing!


  • Read his books, sign up for his blogs and listen to his podcasts
  • He has hired & written about my students as interns and marketers like Lindsey Kirchoff.
  • He has lectured for us at Tufts.
  • I have been on stage with him talking about sales, while he electrified the room on marketing. 
  • David simply makes the simple more simple, and always brings reality to the real world.


But How do I find the time?

time-how do I find more time...and this morning, here at the almost-end of the summa of '21, while I struggle to find anything meaningful to write about, I realized that as usual, David says it best, so I am sharing his most recent blog on finding the time. 

It is just exceptional in its simplicity and reality... so give it a read right now and maybe again tomorrow morning on the beach or out on the deck over coffee.  His words are poignant, definitive and powerful and especially true this morning as we look into September considering our re-entry into the workplace, the continuing hesitancy over the virus and yesterday's tragedy in Afghanistan. 

So, when we think about this simple question of "how do I find the time?" in our over-stressed, 12-hour days, the equally simple answer is that we force a time out, and we make it happen because it's not coming back around, and when it's gone, it's gone.  

Have a great day selling today, and make sure that you take time out this weekend!

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