It's all about the celebration!

  • Let's celebrate the end of the Q!
  • Let's give it up for finally moving into the official summa'!
  • Let's celebrate the freedom that we have which is the true meaning of the 4th!
  • Let's kick back this weekend and just relax and dial it down a bit!

Needless to say, it's been more than a bumpy ride over the past six months, and I could list 10 points below that we are all very frustrated with and are complaining about, but I won't since I want to leave you with just one thought this Friday AM which is to simply to celebrate our freedoms and have some well-deserved least for a day or three.  

Yes, I'm a 7th generation Vermonter, but I also live here on the same NH beach, where my parents brought me and my two brothers for the summa' beginning when I was 5.  This was a beach at its most raw and its purest, and it created my love of the ocean forever. The cottage was on stilts and directly faced the ocean.  No heat, no hot water, four rooms, a cookstove...and absolutely the best experience for all the summa' folks up from the Boston suburbs.    Bonfire in the 50s

As soon as us kids hit the beach on day one just out of grade school, our job was to pick up all the driftwood we could find to build "The Big Bonfire for the 4th". 

This picture was taken by my parents.  I'm the stick figure at the top left-hand corner of the structure where I had just climbed up to pour down gallons of gasoline handed up by the fathers before the torching and a robust singing of the national anthem.  


A wonderful community fun event still practiced, but now only with propane stoves and town permits.

Enjoy the weekend and make sure that you celebrate all the good things you've achieved so far this year! 

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