Just one word this morning...


I guess on the day before Christmas, I could wish for world peace, freedom from all hatred, an ability to embrace diversity at all levels and, of course the best health for you, your families, your friends and your employees...and, of course, I do hope for all of that.

What I've learned in my life as a salesguy and a business manager, "wishing" and "hoping" don't typically work that well...but they do sound soothing...and, you know...kinda hopeful.   My attitude, since I'm not much into hoping, has always been to provide the tools, the teaching, and the coaching in at least one tangible thing that works and something that one can control and then provide guidance in that one skill...no matter what it is.   

Chopping Down the Christmas Tree in VT

For me this morning, sitting in the Vermont office with the new Christmas tree waiting to be decorated and three feet plus of snow on the ground, there's no better a Christmas gift I can provide than the word,  "CONNECTIONS".

  • Connect with yourself this holiday break, taking some time to think about just you.
  • Connect the dots between today and the 24th, 2021.  What/where do you want to be?
  • Connect with old friends.  Never a better time to email, text, chat, message or just call
  • Connect with new 2020 friends, thanking them for their connecting with you this year.
  • Connect with associates for guidance, for jobs, and for careers.
  • Connect, of course with your family and friends!


Have a wonderful, warm and connective Christmas and holiday break and a bit of well-deserved downtime! 



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