Sleep, Selling & Science-welcome to Friday!

1 thing Covid has done is to dramatically change my sleep & work patterns:

  • Pre-Covid  it was bed by 8 or 9, up at 3:30, car into Boston, gym at 5, go to work
  • Now, bed by 10, up at 5, Peloton downstairs, walk beach, work at 7 at the house

Sleep and Sales 2021

-8 hours recommended

-6.8 hours on average

-80% want more quality

-U.S. is 4th in most restful

-49% believe they get enough

-what is S. Korea about?




Although I used to say that my 3 hour commute time back and forth from the NH beach to the Boston office or the Tufts campus was highly productive for phone calls, that was a lot of self-explanatory BS.  The best example is for a one hour meeting with one of our important customers in Fall River, it actually took five hours back and forth for a one-hour meeting.  Today, we accomplish the same work involvement in a 45 minute Zoom. The overall results are dramatically more effective and efficient on both sides of the table.  

Let's look at the math of a solid B+/A level B2B salesperson:

Ok, but so what, 2,300 hours is still a ton of time to be productive!  
Not so fast, Mr. Math Nerd, let's take a look at the reality of those hours:

As I get ready for my new and improved "Science of Sales" course I will be co-teaching at Tufts with my alums from my courses who themselves are now sales managers at Oracle, Hubspot, Amazon, Bright Edge, Skills Survey and meQuilibrium, I am deep into the science of the data and the unbending physics of the finiteness of time.  

Have a great day selling and marketing today, and enjoy what looks like a beautiful weekend!

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