Today, I'm Outta Time

No Time Left to SellAs business managers and especially as salespeople, we're measured all the time.  We know that on Day 1 when we accepted the responsibility of this job.  We play to the numbers, we know the math and what it takes to succeed and ultimately we're measured often times every week, and the end of the quarter.  8 hours from now, the final buzzer sounds. Most probably we're going to take some of next week off given the simple math of the 4th on Thursday, so next week is not going to be a great week to connect with buyers.  Take an hour or two sometime and review your own math.  

I would expect that the majority of us made our Q2 numbers, and congratulations to everyone who did!  Having said that, if we were to divide the world of sales and look at only B2B, the 2024 Q1 numbers came in...once again..."around 50%" for making quota.  Don't read too much into that number since the B2B market categories are much too broad, but do read into that number that a significant percentage of salespeople did not make their quota.   Are they just bad or incompetent salespeople?  Absolutely, not!  The data shows very specifically that most poorly performing salespeople lack formal sales processes, plus they lack detailed training in selling customer value so that as a result they end up pushing "things and widgets" or worse "our many services", rather than the measured ROI to the prospect.  

Here's a few "interesting" stats out of Q1

  • 54% of sales reps reported that they found it more difficult to sell in Q1 than in 2023.
  • But, 60% reported during Q2 that they are exceeding their 2024 quota plan.
  • Reps in general spend only 33% of their time actually "selling".

I need to get you back on the phones, so here's a couple of recommendations for next week and then the week after that:

  • Whatever your quota results, take well-deserved time off for the 4th!
  • Take a hard look at your numbers and specifically at your own sales process.  
  • Is your sales process, specific enough?  "Discovery" always needs to be #1! 
  • What's the strength of your value propositions for your specific personas?
  • How did you do in H1 lead gen, and what do you need for H2?

All of this and more is just basic analysis of the positives and not-so-positive actions that you and your team took over the quarter.  The real reason for doing this is to be able to get your team together the second week in July for an entire day to go through the math working backwards from December in order to figure out in detail where changes and enhancements need to be made.  This is critically important time, and our experience is that companies who do this and thoroughly plan out month by month for the balance of the year, realize a 20% increase in productivity. 

Have a great day selling today and enjoy the 4th!   

At any time, give me a call if you want to kick around some ideas for short term impact! 

Executing on your Sales Plan in 2024!

sales planning-1For a few ideas on your sales plan for the second half of the year and improving the productivity of your own team, you can click here for our new  "Writing the Winning Sales Plan in 2024", for a few ideas on structure, sales models, process funnels and a number of productivity tools and how to recruit and hire the best.  Or, just give me a call, and we can kick around a few ideas  
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