Nuts to Summa'! Get Game Ready for the Selling Season!

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Tue, Sep 05, 2017

It's been an absolutely superb summer !

  • Great weather !
  • Important and complex projects at work
  • Solid "field research time" on the NH beach

All of which came to my own personal reality of the unofficial end of summer yesterday as I walked past my neighbor's huge oak tree and heard the sound of my shoes crunching through a carpet of acorns. 

End of Summer-3.gif



Sales Growth and Sales productivity-1.jpgAcorns Already?

How could that be? 

I quickly looked at my self-winding watch which had stopped two weeks ago after I removed it for my "field research" days, and then I realized... 

"Oh, yeah, it's the end of summer!"

  • Can't stop time !
  • Can't stop the tides or the acorns !
  • Can't stop the seasons !
  • Can't stop the inevitable snow !
  • ...but I can accelerate my training in the most important Selling Season of the year

 September into December...the 4 Month Quarter

Accelerating from our daily pace of 60mph to an average of 100 is the new standard of urgency that we need to activate in order to successfully steer through "The 4 Month Quarter", which launches today! 

That requirement of accelerating to blistering speed and urgency in an environment of increased pressure and complexity with unrelenting time management is simply what it is, and what it takes, to become a star athlete on any sales team of any product or any service. 

At the end of the day, success in sales comes down to consistent skills training and having a positive attitude that starts with Accountability, Commitment, Drive & Urgency !

Skills Training....

  • For the Patriots, training camp is over, and the real games begin Thursday night.
  • For us, Summa's over. It's now game day, every day, right up through December 31st

Belichick-5.pngLessons from the Pats

-We're all professional athletes in Sales!
-Every day is either Game Day or Training Day
-We all need detailed Game Plans. 
-30-60-90 Day Plans work perfectly all the time.
-Playbooks need to be updated every 30 days
-Drills and practices are required every week. 
-Individual mental and physical training are key


The Optimism of the fall

The fall brings us a positive and optimistic energy...especially in September when we believe that every quota will be met and every opportunity will close on time and above forecast. We need to work that optimism that we have today to our advantage over the next four months, and never forget where we were on September 5th.

  • These fall days are crisp and alive and bring with them a new sharpness to our sales planning
  • "Competing to Win" needs to be everywhere in our language, our culture and in our sales plans
  • We need to share this optimism and our best skills with our teammates in camp and online
  • ...and, most importantly, we must keep razor focused every day to the 12/31/17 scoreboard.

If you really want to get ready for this season, practice in real time with other sales management pros and dive deeply into the training films to understand how to execute on these practices. attend our upcoming Annual Sales Management Boot Camp on October 1st-3rd.

Speakers just announcing this morning: 

Greg Flynn, CEO, Brainshark

Jon Dick, Vice President Marketing, Hubspot

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