11/3/17 Marketing Lessons:Pricing-Adoption-Brand & Sales

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Sat, Nov 04, 2017

Teaching Marketing at Tufts... 

  • A consistent search for real life Marketing & Sales Plan projects for my students
  • 5-6 person teams work for 13 weeks on complex marketing and sales plan assignments
  • All of our academic content is woven into these assignments from real companies
  • I teach the tools; company management provides the real life experiences

The results are very positive and dynamically exciting from everyone involved

Yesterday at Apple...

A perfect example of combinations of some of the Marketing tools from our Tufts Toolbox

  • "Early Adopters" 
  • Price elasticity
  • Market Share
  • Supply & Demand

Product Life Cycle and Sales .jpgProduct Life Cycle Early Adopters.jpg

Having said that, there's also a lesson here in profits not following the standard curve when a market leader is a consistent innovator like Apple, which topped out yesterday, as a result of the Launch of iPhoneX at $800 billion.  That's Billion with a "B" 

Be Part of our Unique Learning Experience

In your current planning process for 2018, if you're asking yourself...

  • Do we have the right marketing plan for that new product?
  • Have we developed our market and persona research carefully enough?
  • Do we need a new approach with a new sales channel for a specific product
  • How do we get a deeper perspective into the millennial market?
  • Shouldn't we take a deeper dive into Inbound Marketing?
  • What are our options, investment returns and recommendations for digital marketing?

Then, our two spring courses in Marketing and "The Art & Science of Sales" are the answers:

  • 10 years, 180 companies, and 900 students of experience
  • Juniors, Seniors and some Grad students
  • Certified in "Inbound Marketing" for Marketing, and in "CRM" for the Sales course
  • Highly motivated to earn their resume badge as certified interns
Tufts Fall, 2014-2-4.jpg

Applications need to be in by December 1st. 

If you're interested, just email me at jack@derbymanagement, and I'll send you the instructions

I'll let you go now so you can get in line at the Apple store

Have a great weekend !!!

Great Marketing always leads to more Sales!

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