Strategy is kinda important, but activities are critical

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Super Bowl Sunday & Sales 

Super_Bowl_LIV-2For months, everything in the NFL has been on the line, and it all comes down to this Sunday when the two best teams in the country define the 2020 Champion!  

Not all that different than viewing our own Sales scoreboards at the end of the sales year on January 1, and of course. starting today for January and then in any of the following months and quarters.  Metrics count everywhere in business and in our own personal lives, and achieving metrics always result from executing activities from planning strategies and tactics.

  • Sales strategies are important of course; they define overarching directions of where we're going.
  • Sales tactics, which fit into strategies, are more important since they detail, the actual sales plans.
  • The most critical parts of any Sales success are the actual activities, which fit into our sales plans.

Whether we're in Sales or part of any business activity in any market, in any business, everything eventually comes down to the activities that we end up executing and being held accountable for at the street level...or on the field this Sunday...that will determine the scores that go up on the board.  

By the way, if you want to take a look at an excellent list of sales metrics, just click on to what Greg Flynn, the CEO of the highly ranked Sales Enablement company, Brainshark, tweeted yesterday in "The Only Sales Metrics Glossary You'll Ever Need".  

our 1st Derby Sales Management Boot Camp for 2020-  April 9th 

Sales Boot Camp MITAs part of our Sales Management Consulting, we've been running two to three boot camps a year for 20 years.  Held in partnership at MIT with other leading experts focused on dramatically increasing sales productivity, enablement and readiness, this intensive one day highly-engaged camp brings together CEOs, Presidents and Sales Managers from a wide diversity of industries. 

  • We actively engage everyone in our exclusive strategy of "Process-Tools-Technology & People".
  • We dive deep into real-life tactics that you can start using immediately in Q2 with your sales team.
  • We focus on developing street-level playbooks of Activity Plans that will impact Q2 and the balance of 2020 revenue. 

Our partners and guest speakers have deep expertise learned from years of being salespeople, managers and presidents of both large corporations and mid-market companies covering a wide range of markets. 

  • We've sat in your seat! 
  • We've sold on the street and in the boardroom!
  • We've won and lost some hard-fought games, and we've been to the Super Bowl of Sales many times.

Sales Tech Tools 2020The primary coaches will be George Simmons and me, and our guest speakers will include the head of sales from a well-known highly successful mid-market company plus senior sales executives from Brainshark and Hubspot, two of the most widely used sales enablement and readiness technology platforms in the business of sales productivity improvement.  

As part of this day, we will comfortably and quickly sort through the complexity of tech sales tools providing you with the ability to make the best choices at the lowest cost that deliver the highest values both for your sales team and most importantly, for your customers. 

Click here for more details and then just connect directly with me for any questions at, and I will set up a call with you right away!

Look forward to working with you on April 9th!

Have fun watching the Super Bowl on Sunday!  All about the well-planned activities and points on the board!


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