The 5 Selling Days Before Christmas !

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Mon, Dec 18, 2017

It's come down to this...

  • Today through Friday...still pretty good selling days !
  • Next Monday, of course, is Christmas, so enjoy !
  • As far as next Tuesday's concerned, everyone's traveling either here or there !
  • And, then Wednesday-Friday, might be good for you, but most buyers have checked out !

The Blue Skies of Hope & The Valley of Reality

hope-2.jpgSo, just to be conservative in our planning and quickly adjust our heads, and most importantly, our time this week, let's set out this Monday morning figuring that there are only five days to demonstrate our ability to bring in our forecasted deals and punch the ticket to go to President's Club in February. 

Which means, we need to plan every call and every activity this week and not get distracted by, or totally lost in "the blue skies of hope".

- Forget about the Bluebirds

- Don't waste a lot time on brand new leads

- Just focus on the bottom of your current funnel


It was General George Patton who quoted...

"A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week"

Great advice for your use of your own time this week, since in the majority of cases, the selling game ends this Friday.  Sure there may be signature approvals and legal reviews to hassle through Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  Maybe, there's actual selling and buying work that will occur with a trusted partner or that prospect who absolutely must make a commitment before this year ends.  But, in the majority of cases, it's all about the next five days...

  • Clear your plate !
    Let nothing else get in your way, and just max out your available hours focused on only one thing-your available selling time.  Time is inelastic of course, which is all the more reason you need to focus on selling activities above anything else.  This is not a time for selling strategies, and it's hardly a time for selling tactics.  Most importantly, your success will come as the result of the flawless execution of your actual selling activities over the next five days.
  • Steady & focused execution !
    Patriots Steelers 2017-3.jpgDid you watch the Patriots win yesterday? 

    Even, when the majority of normal people would have switched the channel not wanting to watch the agony of defeat, Brady & Team doubled down on their focus and executed perfectly in the final two minutes.  

Nuff said !


  • Believe in yourself !
    We've all faced tough challenges at work and in our personal lives.  Most of the time, we've worked our way through the valleys by sheer belief in ourselves, in our own determination and in our commitment to winning.  That's what this week is all about ! 

Have a great day selling !  

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