The Importance of Seven Today in Your Success!

Today's critical number is seven!

  1. Seven days in the week
  2. Seven is a very spiritual number; just like three
  3. Seven continents and seven seas
  4. Shakespeare's "seven stages of life"
  5. Seven colors in a rainbow
  6. Seven letter in "SUCCESS"
  7. ...and, of course, just seven days left in Q2 to make quota !

For years, I've always been a countdown guy ticking the numbers down from here to there, or more typically, I start at the "there" and back into where "here" is so that everything...quota, work, travel, and my work at Tufts with my extraordinary students and professors, gets handled efficiently...and most of the time, effectively. 

time nowTime is obviously finite and allows for zero expansion in life, in projects and certainly in Sales.  The month closes, the calendar page turns and BAANNG, it's a new month, a new quarter, and we're on the other side of that measuring bar. Same as in sports when the buzzer sounds!  Zero difference since Sales is just like any professional sport.  Always remember that we're all professional athletes just like any professional sports figure...we just chose different careers.  Same requirements for training, motivation and the clarity of our drive!

Today, we have total control of these seven days.  

Seven work days is a ton of time leading up to a natural end of the month and quarter on Friday, the 29th!  A perfect ending time to the quarter when both buyers and sellers need to finish out their work, close the quarter, probably head out of vacation for the July 4th holiday and get just get stuff done.  The point is that there is a natural rhythm here that will work perfectly for every salesperson...if we all work the natural rhythm of these seven days!

Make Something Happen in Sales and in LifeI love Boston as everyone knows! 

Just such a superb city of electricity, life and growth everywhere, and it always energizes me.  Yea, I know that I'm also the NH Beach Guy and, of course, the Vermont Woods Guy, (where I will be down at the General Store tomorrow) but there is nothing like the stimulation of this extraordinary city!

Tuesday just before I left Boston to come here to Rochester where I'm running an entrepreneurship program today, I thought that these simple words, captured forever on a Boston statue, best reflect the spirit that we all need to carry forward over these next seven days.   

Never go out there to see what happens; 
Go out there to make something happen

Have a great day selling!



Jack Derby

Coach & Advisor to Derby Management
Director, Entrepreneurial Studies, Tufts University
Cummings Family Professor of Entrepreneurship



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