Wicked Cold, Happiness...and Sales

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Fri, Feb 22, 2013

Cold CallsCold enough for ya’?

Last Saturday and Sunday were wicked cold on the hill.  Temp was around 10 when I left the house, about the same at the base, and who knows what is was on top since I couldn’t see anything due to the blowing snow from the 50-60mph gusts.  Wind chill?  Off the charts.  At the same time, perfect snow, great cover everywhere, but just wicked cold.  And, of course, to make it colder, we all told one another riding up the lifts that it was…what?  Wicked Cold.   This weekend, it looks like we're all going to be either complaining or rejoicing in the 15" of snow.  Glass half full, half empty? 

What we say is what we think.

When I was talking to my riding buddies about how cold it was on the hill last Sunday, I was doing what?  What I should have been doing is relaxing in the spectacular beauty of the nountains, enjoying being outside with Vermont friends and just breathing in the exhilaration of snowboarding.  What I ended up doing is complaining about how cold it was, reinforcing the fact that I was wicked cold, and, in fact, I actually made myself colder.  Two hours later, I was off the hill, reading The Globe by the fire.  Not a bad way to spend the rest of Sunday morning, but I was there to ride, not read. 

The Legendary Zig Ziglar

Zig ZiglarWhen I was a rookie salesguy, I attended a Ziglar seminar and then, for years after, ended up devouring every one of his books and tapes.  Zig passed away last year after building an empire of salemanship tools, seminars and downhome sayings-most of which could be looked upon as corny-but at the center of each of them was a basic truth, like...

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”


I recently hosted a 7:15 breakfast (might as well get 'em ready for the real world) for my Tufts students with Brian Conroy, the President of Fidelity Capital Markets, who was kind enough to give his time to talk to my students who were considering a career in financial services.  Lenora, one of my best and most outspoken seniors, asked, "Mr. Conroy, since we are now getting job offers, what's more important?  Happiness or money?"  Without blinking an eye, Brian responded emphatically, "That's easy.  Happiness!  The money will always follow."  Not coincidentally, Brian is one of the most  highly respected managers on Wall Street.  And again, not coincidentally, whenever I talk with Brian, he's always highly enthusiastic about what he does and totally focused on creating a positive culture such that his team is not only driven to win...but ends up "happy".


describe the imageHalf Full, Half Empty

I sit on a very interesting board-all dynamic, bright and passionate people who all look through the lens of the glass being half full. During our working together, the focus has always been on what could we do differently to improve the company's performance for its customers and its employees?  What does the customer want?   What's the market saying?   As a result of a lot of hard work on the part of management and the board,  the company continues to prosper in a highly competitive and almost totally unpredictable environment.  Everyone on this board is highly reflective of the company's management-all half-full, hard driving kind of men and women.



Transfer this to the world of Sales. 

No matter how we approach Sales-old school relationships or the most advanced Sales 2.0 processes and technology, selling is a tough game.  At the very core, it takes conviction and enough fortitude to stand up to more rejections than acceptance.  So, the question for this Friday,before yet another weekend of snow, is how do you want to approach the beginning of every sales day?  Here's a tactic to think about, customize to your own style and have it as part of your personal toolbox:

At the beginning of every day, and before that critical sales call...

  • Say out loud to yourself, 10 times...
  • This is going to be a great  day!
  • This is going to be a perfect call!
  • Who's the best saleperson?  Me!

And while your repeating this (or something similar) mantra, I want you to mentally picture yourself-just for 10 seconds-taking the podium to accept the award from your peers as best salesperson of the month.  Get into the rhythm of this, and I guarantee you that it works.

Selling Power Motivating SalesAlso, do yourself a favor and pick a copy of the most recent Selling Power-The Motivation Issue,  which came out this week and read the interview with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  I knowwhat you're thinking...he's an old guy and what could he say that's new to me? 

Read the article!  Hard for me to believe that there isn't something there that you can't put to work by Monday.


 Welcome to 2013...and Good Selling! 
   -January was a real solid month, February's looks great.
   -Remember:  Q1 always sets the tone, pace & success for the year

Jack Derby 


Head Coach
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