Your company finally has a Blog….now what?

Posted by John Routhier on Thu, Sep 22, 2016


Companies are realizing that creating content to generate leads, nurture leads and help educated buyers is an essential part of business.  The problem is they don’t know what content to write or have content and “hope” someone sees it.  Unfortunately a blog isn’t like the movie Field of Dreams and if you build it they will come.  A wise VP of Sales once told me hope isn’t a strategy.  With thousands of companies moving to platforms like Hubspot as part of their Marketing “plan” it is essential the right strategy to optimize your content and ensure that your Marketing Department isn’t just creating content but adding value by generating more leads, creating a shorter sales cycle and increasing revenue. 

So now what?  You have your blog and are focusing on Inbound leads so what do you do?  What are the right metrics to be measuring?  What’s a good ROI?  Are these qualified leads and are they converting to sales?  Before you answer those questions you first need a Marketing strategy.  What is your target audience and what personas are you selling to?  What are their pain points and how do you solve them? 

There are numerous other things to consider but if you have or are about to have a blog take a step back to create your strategy.  If you build it they won’t come but if you build it with the right strategy and optimize the content then they will come….and they WILL BUY!!!

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