Last Release: "How to Write a Marketing Plan"


Marketing creates "perceptions of value"

That process incoprorates the strategy of E.P.O.C.-Every Point of Contact whether that contact is a customer, a prospect, an employee, or a business partner of any kind

Many people believe the basic job of marketing is convincing customers you have a better product, but in reality, it's building a brand that they can buy into.  This book will help you build a much more sophisticated and precise plan of action to create, define, and message that matters to each and every one of your stakeholders, suppliers, employees, and customers. Read on to learn....

✔ The Marketing Planning Process 

✔ Tools for Writing & Presenting a Marketing Plan

✔ Defining Brand and Customer Segmentation

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We will be updating this edition during the summer using many of the strategies and tactics that resulted in Jack being awarded The Tufts School of Engineering "Teacher of the Year" for his work teaching Marketing in the ELS (Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies) program in the Gordon Institute.