Business Planning Tools 

Each year we update our two 120 plus page e-books on how to write a successful business plan. 

  • One book focused to the early stage entrepreneur with an orientation to "figuring it out", building a team, going to market and raising early stage money moving from "Friends & Family" to venture capital.

  • The other book, very similar in structure and 75% of its content is focused on the more-stablished profitable (or not) company looking to move from stability to consistent growth.

Writing the Winning Business Plan

This is our frequently edited, free 120 plus page ebook on what it takes to write a successful business plan.

Business Plan Process & Template

This is an introduction to the reasons, format and overview of Writing The Winning Business Plan.

Creating a Business Planning Process

This is an outline of what it takes to create a highly successful business planning process with details on offsite locations to ideas on facilitators, details on meeting management and a couple of Jack's favorite rules.  This is "A Must Listen" presentation gleaned from the experience of conducting hundreds and hundreds of successful meetings.

Just email jack@derbymanagement for his just completed 2020 "Delivering Winning Presentations".

Facilitating Strategy and Business Planning Offsites

This is an overview of how to facilitate strategy and business planning offsite meetings.

Making Great Presentations 

This is an overview of how to create a presentation that engages the audience and create impactful PowerPoint presentations.