Marketing Tools

Our approach to creating Marketing's success is pretty simple: 

                              Create high quality leads for salespeople!

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We can get away with that simplicity given that all of us grew up on the street running companies and marketing and selling our products and services.  We also incorporate the attitude that "Marketing is Everything" from Regis McKenna's , one of the founders of California's Silicon Valley, iconic article that still rings true today, decades later.

When you separate the interpretation of "marketing" from all of the buzzwords and the long list of acronyms that require a dictionary to understand, marketing truly encompasses "everything".   That's the very good news...and the very bad news in that today we have hundreds and hundreds of choices!  As a result, we bring simplicity and absolute focus to everything we implement in Marketing.  

Our view is E.P.O.C.- "Every Point of Contact" such that when we partner with a customer, we focus our work and the building of our marketing tools from website design to tightly integrated technology platforms to highly integrated and metrics to making sure that everyone is totally focused to provide high quality customer value and trust.   

For simplicity and focus, we divide into the baselines of both Inbound and Outbound :

Marketing Funnel Outbound 2023-1 Marketing Funnel Inbound 2023

Many people believe the basic job of marketing is convincing prospects that you have a better product.  That's simply not the case in an online-infused world of alternatives and an oversaturation of thousands of marketing messages every week.  Then add in today's uncertainties about the unknowns of geopolitical issues and the distractions of the U.S. and too often marketing choices becomes a nightmare, which is why we focus on the simplicity of choices we can make, we can measure and we can afford.

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