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Our approach to Marketing is pretty simple:  Create high quality leads!

We can get away with that simplicity given that all of us grew up on the street running companies and marketing and selling our products and services.  We also incorporate the attitude that "Marketing is Everything" from Regis McKenna's iconic article that still rings true! 

When you separate the interpretation of "marketing" from all of the buzzwords and the long list of acronyms that require a dictionary to understand, marketing truly encompasses "everything".  Our view is E.P.O.C.- "Every Point of Contact" such that when we partner with a customer we focus our work and the building of our marketing tools from website design to tightly integrated technology platforms on making sure that everyone is driven to providing customer value and trust.   

Many people believe the basic job of marketing is convincing customers that you have a better product, but in reality, the real objective of any Marketing activity is in building a brand that responds directly to the business value that new prospects and current customers want to receive either corporately or personally, and in most cases both. 

Our book on Writing the Winning Marketing Plan which you click on to below will help you build a much more sophisticated and precise Marketing Plan action to create, define, and message that matters to each and every one of your stakeholders, suppliers, employees, and customers. Read on to learn about.the following or just call Jack at 617-504-4222...

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