Everything is a season...

  • Leaving a wonderful Thanksgiving, we're now full speed ahead into the holiday season
  • With 13-14-more real selling days in the Q4 season, we're updating forecasts daily. 
  • After weeks of working on our 2023 business plan, we're deep in the season of budgeting.

Last Class 113022

And at Tufts, the reality of the seasonality of the last class of the semester, occurred this Wednesday after 12 weeks of content including 10 technical lectures from my alums and my TAs ranging from pricing to SEO, PR, research, competitive analysis, social ad buying, blogging, the art of presentations, budgeting and much more.  Added to this was one HBS case study, 36 individual value proposition presentations and Hubspot Inbound Marketing certifications. 

Then it all came to a close on Wednesday with a team lunch and a final presentation from another extraordinary marketing executive alum on her process of bringing together her own marketing plan.  Next week are the final 90-minute presentations to their host management of their team projects where 40% of their overall semester grade is decided by the management of their companies on the depth and quality of their marketing plans constructed over the semester.   For me, it's been an extraordinarily exciting semester which has resulted in strong academics and 18 new part-or full-time jobs generated from the course.  

Seasonal business planning

At the firm, we pride ourselves in classic strategy and business planning with our customers.  As the year winds down, I take an assessment of the work we've done, with whom, the market segments and the concentration of the work and its results.  Even though the titling of what we do may be called "strategic planning", 75% of the time, the most impactful results that come out of these sessions is the creation of detailed fingers-in-the-dirt quarterly Sales and Marketing plans. 


Jack and Tufts Entrepreneurship Center -2As you are gearing up for the final lucky 13 selling days of the year, at any time, if you want to discuss your own sales short term tactics or your  sales planning for 2023, just connect with me for some quick ideas and feedback. There's never a cost for a call or two, plus I love listening and talking about Sales & Marketing.  In the meantime, take a look at our 2022 edition of our Writing the Winning 2022 Sales Plan which I'll be totally updating over the holiday break.  Let me know if you want to contribute your own ideas and experience. 

Derby Entrepreneurship Center@Tufts.


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