Day 21. Boss? No Boss?

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Tue, Nov 30, 2010

Often times bringing one’s manager into a sales situation late in the funnel process produces positives results. A different perspective. A new set of eyes…and ears.

With a max of just 21 selling days left in the year, try introducing your manager into the deal structure in order to break open…or complete…the decision making process. The most successful salespeople will look at this tactic as just what it is-two heads are better than one. The less confident salespeople will shy away from using this tactic since they feel that it would be a sign of weakness, which is ridiculous and merely shows that they’re inexperienced.

With only 21 days left, this time from now till the end of the year is only about one objective: closing solid, high margin deals, and the last I looked team selling outwins hero performances any time whether it’s the profession of sports or Sales. 

Give it a shot.  Nothing to lose plus it has the added advantage of giving you and your boss some time together thinking about next year’s plans.

Good selling today !


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