What's Your Personal Sales Brand?

Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Sat, May 28, 2016

Looks like it's going to be a great weekend!

memorial_day.pngMost importantly, we all need to take a few minutes and remember just what Memorial Day is all about.  

I, as all of you, have strong feelings about this day, and it's very important to remember why the day was created and the critical essence of what it's all about.  

Hopefully... "we will go to war no more".

 Memorial Day itself is a strong brand, plus it also has all of the necessary components of a strong brand. 

  • By itself, the words "Memorial Day" create very strong emotions.
  • It is steeped in both emotional and factual meanings and interpretations.
  • It immediately defines itself in bold images of the U.S. flag, battlefields, victory marches, & cemeteries.
  • ...and socially, it's the start of a happy summer.  Talk about a very complex brand !

Take 60 seconds and just think about the brands that inspire you

  • What are the brands that immediately create both objective and personal emotional reactions
  • What are the the brands that reflect you personally, your beliefs and your personality.
  • These are not just "good" brands; they're brands that you want to rave about to others.

Brand-RalphLauren.jpgOne of my own favorite consumer brands that blends both imagery and the subjective emotions of style blended with an objective reality of quality and price is...

Ralph Lauren says to me...

-Excellent, high quality products. 

-Reasonable prices




-and, then there's "that look" 

The brand doesn't fit everyone of course, but then it's not supposed to.  Brands are about about me or you and what works for me or works for you personally.  This is just the same as your own business sales and marketing plans that need to work specifically for you and your business and be targeted to very specific personas, in very specific targets who live and work in very specific market verticals. 

Cars are an excellent example of brands that define us, who we are and what we represent in perfect combinations of both emotions and practical necessities. Our car choices are defined by how we personally "feel", and what we practically "need" when we make purchase choices, for instance, not between a Chevrolet and a Ford, but between a Chevrolet Suburban, a Chevrolet Volt or a Chevrolet Corvette.  

Corvette_Mony_Mony.jpgIn my own case, I very much "need" my Subaru Outback since it's the perfect practical choice for  hauling stuff to the recycling center on Saturday mixed with excellent gas mileage and very high safety ratings. 

On the other hand, my Corvette Stingray reflects nothing other than my "feel" for the excitement of driving.  She has nothing to do with practicality since she can carry no more than two small grocery bags, and she absolutely does not go to the town recycling center under any conditions. She also has a strong aversion to taking me to one of my other favorite brands, Home Depot.

A Question for this Weekend:  "What's your own Sales brand?"

It's always great to have a three day weekend especially one in which we can both reflect on the importance of Memorial Day and also officially leave behind the winter as we look ahead to another perfect summer. 

Given that you might just have a bit of additional time, take 30 minutes this weekend and just think about what your own brand is.  By the way, do not look at this exercise as defining either your business brand or your personal brand since they are all one and intricately bound together.  Keep in mind during this exercise, that you can modify your brand as long as there is a specific plan behind it.

So, as we enter into the end of the second quarter, I'd like to encourage you to do an objective assessment of your own personal brand:

  • First, what do you think it is?  Put your fingers on the keyboard, and actually write it out in text
  • What do others interpret it as?  Write this out also.
  • If you're fine with it, just keep doing what you're doing, but always remember you need to periodically do a brand refresh.
  • If you want to modify it and do a partial rebrand, then this is the perfect time in the year to figure out exactly what needs to be done,and how you're going to do it. 
The result of this becomes "The Marketing Plan of You".  It works on the same structure and has an identical number of interwoven tactics and activities just the same as your business marketing or sales plan.  I would also add that your personal branding plan is just as important as your tactical business and sales plans, if you plan to be successful in meeting your sales quota for the balance of this year.

Have a wonderful weekend...and please...remember.



business_plans-1.pngAlso, since you're now deep into Q2, you just may want to put aside a day during the next two weeks to refine and update your 2016 Business Plan, or at least your 2016 Sales and Marketing Plans.  To get you started, click here and receive a downloaded copy of our Writing the Winning Business Plan, 2016 edition.

Another opportunity for preparing now for Q4 is to do the same type of "relook" at the basics of your 2016 Marketing Plan after reviewing our ebook on "How to Write a Marketing Plan". This consists of mostly solid basics and tactical structure stuff...which just might be the perfect thing to do right now before you dive too deeply into Q3. 

...and, of course, if you just want to talk through some of where you are right now and use us as a confidential sounding board...or do a short Whiteboarding Session with any of us, just email me, and we will work out a convenient schedule.

Good Selling!  

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