Tufts Marketing & Sales Projects for the January Semester

Tomorrow morning I'll send out my normal Friday blog on an issue that I am increasingly very concerned about which is that it seems to me that we are rapidly talking our way into the downward spiral of a recession and a very cold winter.    That's for tomorrow!

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For today, I wanted to focus on my seasonal outreach to our readers for new company projects for the 2023 spring semester which begins the 2nd week of January. 


As most of my blog readers know, I teach two courses: a Marketing course and a course titled "The Science of Sales".  Each of these courses are taught around a concept of "Content in Context" where I and my TAs provide the content over a 13-week semester within the context of complex sales and marketing projects from real companies

Each semester:

  • We work with 6 Marketing and 6 Sales projects each semester
  • Typically, these projects focus on creating detailed 12-month Sales or Marketing plans 
  • For smaller companies, these plans are usually for the entire business
  • For large companies, these plans may be limited to the roll out of a new product
  • The team will develop detailed persona identifications and related detailed value propositions
  • Typically, they will complete primary and secondary research if required.
  • Thier focus is on detailed execution tactics, expense budgets and forecasted results  
  • The students are juniors and seniors from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences 
  • 6 students on a team will require a 2-3 hour kickoff meeting and 30 minutes each week of your time
  • Management will provide 40% of the overall grade for the semester

The Results 

Very objectively I can say that the results have been "spectacular", which is the word I most frequently hear at the end of the final two-hour presentations at the end of the semester.  Frequently, companies may also hire a team member as an implementation intern or a full-time employee to assist in the execution.

If you're interested in learning more, just connect with me at jack.derby@tufts.edu, and I will send you the  application instructions and set up a quick call to answer questions.  Would love to have you on the team!

We Could use your help!

One of our current student teams, which is developing a marketing plan for a smoothie startup created by a couple of Tufts' professors, could use your help to complete the quick survey below.  They would very much appreciate it if you could take just 5 minutes to complete this!  Thanks very much!


See you tomorrow morning!






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