Market & Customer Research

As strategic management coaches, we always focus first on understanding and quantifying the needs of the customers and all of the individuals involved in the selling process. Having worked in a wide variety of sales and marketing management positions over an even wider diversity of industries, our managers provide a unique value to our customers by capturing “The Customer’s Voice”.   Working within a proprietary interview and modeling program, we additionally provide our customers with the flexibility of interpreting and assessing the data that we collect.

Operating from a format of providing custom-designed interview techniques, focus groups and survey formats, we provide our customers with quantifiable interpretations from both their customers and prospects in such areas as…

  • Product features and benefits
  • Product and service values
  • Product cost and performance measurementsimage-7
  • Sales process and sales personnel assessments
  • Customer Satisfaction assessments
  • Additionally, we provide customized market research in a wide variety of markets specializing in medical devices and in healthcare services.