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Posted by John Routhier on Tue, Aug 22, 2017

At Derby Management we are big believers in constant education and focused networking to refine your skills, learn new strategies and grow professionally.  We strive to provide our clients superior service through our own knowledge and experience since all of our team has sat in the chairs-just like you-as CEOs, heads of Sales and heads of Marketing of both startups and middle market companies in a wide variety of industries.  

Seeing our customers grow in their profession during and after working with them is something we take great pride in, which is why we are very excited to announce that we will be providing very focused management development at two upcoming events.  

Sales Training

The Derby Management Boot Camp, October 1st-3rd at the MIT Endicott House in Dedham, just outside Boston, has been designed for Presidents, CEOs, sales management and business development at all management levels.  We cap the team to keep it more intimate and allow the attendees to learn in a comfortable combination of both customized instruction and peer-to-peer learning.  Everyone leaves these intense programs armed with new ideas, new strategies, new tactics and new skills which can be put to use immediately in developing their 2018 Sales and Business Plans.

This year, we are extending the development process by also providing

  • monthly coaching sessions for six months following the event
  • an individual website and digital marketing assessment
  • An early January peer review of 2018 sales plans

These always-sold-out, highly unique experiences have received hundreds of very positive testimonials.  Click on quick overview (Link), and then give us a call or text to 617-504-4222 or email  jack@derbymanagement to answer any of your questions.

We are also excited to announce that Jack Derby has also been selected to present September 14th at Zoominfo's Growth Acceleration Summit on Separating the Art from the Science of SMarketing: 5 Direct Steps to Increase Your Personal Lead Gen

  • The 2-day event is geared to BOTH sales and marketing professionals and will focus on helping both teams align goals to achieve ultimate success.
  • You won’t find conventional how-to’s, impractical strategies, and the same old ideas at this conference. Here you will get over 20 multi-tracked sessions loaded with valuable content, actionable tactics and the latest industry best practices to accelerate your business goals to help you, your team & your revenue GROW! 
  • Other speakers will include people such as Seth Godin. Jeb Blount and Mike Volpe
  • Additionally, if you use the promo code JackDerby50, you will receive a $50 discount.

Learn More about Zoominfo Growth Acceleration Summit (Link)


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