It's time to simplify

Celtics Lose 061424Tough loss last night for the Celts.  The most polite word, I read this morning in The Globe and heard on 'BZ was "blowout".   

It is what it is, and there's no sense in looking backwards other than understanding lessons learned from a loss and applying that to next Monday night.

Still plenty of time left in the series!. 


The same applies to us as salespeople, and where we are in the Q.  Come Monday, there's still a full 10 days left in which to sell, which from a time allocation standpoint is where we all need to provide total focus!

  • 1st, we really don't have 10 days. Highly unlikely decision makers will be around on Friday, the 28th, especially before the 4th of July vacation week.  Sucess in sales is about time management!
  • 2nd, we need to apply absolute focus on only two type of probable deals: either ones that are already deep in your funnel or initiating an additional service or product from one of your very large customers.  
  • 3rd, block out everything else. Focus on no more than 10 possible deals, cancel out of everything else and put in 60+ hours next week...unless, of course, you're already at quota, and then you will have time to watch the Celtics Monday night.  Other than that, this is all about game time next week.

Success In the game of Sales, is not that complex!

I did not say "easy", but on the other hand, winning all comes down to the formality of your sales process, your concentration on the use of your various sales tools, your ability to provide absolute focus on everything you've learned from repetitive training, and of course for those of us as sales managers on the hiring and honing the quality of your players. "Good Enough" is a phrase you should never think relative to the formality of your sales process or the qualify of your team, which is why the Celts will win this championship.  There's no reason you should think any differently since every time, you do that, it's just an excuse...and that's not you! 

June 15thOn a very busy workday this Saturday, I decided to simply everything and drive to Vermont late yesterday to watch the game and also to ground myself to the simplicity of a 5:00 AM sunrise over the pond beside the house in my tiny town of 769 people in the West River Valley where my family has lived for 7 generations.  All about getting focused to the work ahead!

Have a great weekend!



Executing on your Sales Plan in 2024!

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