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Posted by Jack Derby, Head Coach on Thu, Jun 14, 2012

Winning in SalesI had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at Middlesex Bank’s CEO Forum last week.  A great bank, superb guests and for me, a fun opportunity to talk about something that I've fervently believed in ever since I started the company 22 years ago- how to build your competitive edge.  Aptly named, our long running newsletter, The Competitive Edge, and this blog speak to what I carry around as a religion in how I think about business in general and especially the world of sales.

  • Responsibility in SalesIt’s the responsibility of every senior executive to grow the competitive edge of their company and especially their sales organization…and especially now in a sea of dynamic change.
  • It’s the responsibility of every business manager to grow themselves individually by improving their own competitive edge.

It was an engaging late afternoon talking and networking with a large group of managers from a wide variety of industries-all focused on the one simple thing that we all must do.  We need to limit the impact of the anxiety of the confusing economic and political environments that bombard us every day and focus on what we can control.  What we can very directly control is the requirement to pursue higher velocity growth.  In this environment of uncertainty and doubt, we will simply shrink if the caution of the markets force us to think about standing still.  Bottom line:  we just gotta sell more stuff!

For an overview of last week’s talk, click HERE.  Think about taking one, two or all three of these concepts and discuss them with your team during the first week of Q3.  In that meeting, push yourself and each of them to detail the three things that you can put into place as a team to substantially impact your competitive edge over the next six months.

Good selling in the next couple of weeks of the quarter!  There's plenty of time to crank it up and close those remaining deals.  It just takes a winning attitude to gain the edge!

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