Jack Derby

 Hi, I'm Jack, and I'm the Head Coach here at Derby Management...

Prior to forming Derby Management, a management consulting firm specializing in both emerging and middle market companies, my background included positions as...

  • CEO of EarCheck,
  • CEO of Mayer Electronics Corporation,
  • President of CB Sports,
  • President of Litton Industries Medical Systems,
  • CEO of Datamedix Corporation
  • Executive Vice President of Becton Dickinson Medical Systems.

Additionally, I'm a Professor and Lecturer at Tufts and MIT, and finally, I'm a heavily experienced board member, all of which you will note below

Derby Management is a 25 year old boutique management consulting firm, focuses its expertise in three primary services for its 400+ customers, primarily located in the NorthEast, NY & Eastern Canada:

  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Sales & Marketing Productivity Improvement
  • Senior Management Development Coaching

Given, the company's concentration in Business & Strategic Planning and in Sales & Marketing Productivity Improvement, the firm additonally has deep expertise in angel, venture and private equity financing having been actively involved in the raising of over $840 million for its clients.  In some of these cases, we have led the fundraising campaign using our contacts and deep expertise in the Boston financing ecosystem, while in others, we have been active Coaches to the management team throughout the entire campaign process.  

In my “spare” time, I'm a professor at Tufts University’s School of Engineering where I teach two courses-one in Marketing, other in Sales. In 2015, I was humbled by being named "The Teacher of the Year", by the University.

Each fall, for the past 18 years, I am a Lecturer at MIT where I teach classes in business planning and marketing in the Mechanical Engineering Department in the Management in Engineering program, 2.96.01

I'm pretty active in the New England emerging and middle market business communities. I have been named to Mass High Tech’s All Star Team. Additionally, I was Chairman and 10 year board member of the MIT Enterprise Forum, Vice Chair of the Smaller Business Association of New England, President of The University Club of Boston, where I was a Director for 12 yearsthe Founding Chairman of The Stratton Mountain Club for 11 years, a 12 year Chairman of the Association for Corporate Growth of Boston and Chairman of Common Angel Ventures.   We raised a large fund and then rebranded the iconic Common Angels to Converge Venture Partners, where I am a very active General Partner.

Corporately, I'm currently a Director at the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, Aviant Hospice, Accounting Management Solutions, The Alliance CompaniesBrainshark Corporation, Chase Corporation, Rome Snowboards , and Reiser, where I'm Chairman. 

Over the years, I've been an active board member in 10 other companies including Beacon Hospice, Common Angels (Chairman) Hybricon, Ntirety, Research Frontiers, EarCheck (CEO & Chairman), Profile Systems, ROMAC, Anika Therapeutics (CEO), Spryance, Datamedix (CEO & Chariman), Mayer Electronics (CEO and Chairman), and CB Sports (President).  

I'm a graduate of Boston College, the University of Chicago and the United States Peace Corps.

Finally, it work hard (sometimes successfully) to divide my time between working in Boston, teaching at MIT and Tufts, snowboarding st Stratton Mountain in southern Vermont during the winter and living and surfing on the beach in NH where I live whenever I can.  It actually works well !


Jack @ MIT

MIT MarketingFor the past 17 years, I've had the excitement of being a lecturer at MIT in the Mechanical Engineering class of Professors Jung Hoon Chun and Hank Marcus.  The concept is to bring to a class of gifted undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineers a few principles of business.  Specifically directed at a semester-long project plan, my teaching focuses on...

  • fundamentals of business planning
  • the writing of a business plan
  • fundamentals of marketing
  • the application of marketing tactics to a business

Great fun, exciting students and an opportunity to give back to MIT.

Jack @ Tufts' Gordon Institute

TuftsNow entering into my 10th academic year, I'm a professor of Marketing within Tufts' Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies which is a subset of the Gordon Institute in the School of Engineering.

 I am humbled by being awarded the Henry and Madeline Fischer "Teacher of the 2014-2015 Year" by the School of Engineering 



"Exciting", "challenging", "complex" and "totally rewarding" are just a few of the immediate phrases that come to mind.  In addition to the firm's work in adding deep value to our customers, which I love, teaching at Tufts and at MIT is the best thing that I do!

A Different Course

Since the world of Marketing (and Sales) is changing at breakneck speed, this class is fast-paced, built on this year's strategies and tactics and engages these juniors and seniors in real life companies that have provided the class with semester-long complex projects.  Each of these six companies receives a team of five students who, prior to coming to the first class, have researched the companies, reviewed the project deliverables and formed themselves into working teams.

Every marketing concept, each Outbound and Inbound marketing tactic and every marketing tool of my toolbox are woven into the tapestry surrounding the individual companies during the semester.

Four HBR case studies, six lecturers, two field trips to local tech companies, HubSpot and Brainshark, and final presentations made to the company management make this a packed class with a tremendous amount of work.  All part of the excitement for me and, most importantly, for the students.  And the final important component is that I pride myself on the ability to connect my students, either as interns or full time, to jobs.