2021 Events & Things 


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 A few Events....

-In June, Jack and his wife donated $10m to Tufts University naming the Derby Entrepreneurship Center@Tufts

- Our Annual CEO Dinner was a birthday celebration for Jack in March, 2020.  It was the last F2F non-Zoom event of that year.  We then did a virtual check-in with the CEO team that November and again on March 25th this year.  Looking forward to our winter, 2022 live dinner back in Boston. 

-We conducted a 2 day "Entrepreneur's Boot Camp" in May, 2020 and again in April and September, 2021 with Next Corps/Luminate  Rochester entrepreneurs. 

-We conducted virtual Sales Management Boot Camps in May, June & October, 2020 and February and June, 2021.  

-We led a 2 day Sales Management Boot Camp for members of the Providence Chamber of Commerce in September, 2020!  

-In 2020, even with the pandemic, we completed 31 business and sales planning meetings.  In the nine months of 2021, we completed a total of 27..

-In 2020, we worked on 66 sales and marketing projects.  In 2021, through September: 49

-By December, 2020 we had participated in 28 webinars on Sales or Marketing.  In 2021 through September, we did 34.

David Radlo's Forbes Podcasts

David has been a strong ally and a senior coach working with Jack at Tufts.  You can click on to their podcasts here

Episode Six | Part One: Jack Derby
David's guest this week is Jack Derby. Jack is a long-time professor of entrepreneurship and marketing at Tufts University and M.I.T.  He’s been at the helm of several companies and startups, and in 1990, he founded Derby Management, a consulting firm specializing in strategic business planning ang revenue growth. In part one, Jack shares how his "Science of Sales" can help accelerate growth and maximize performance and the importance of inviting guest lecturers and certified coaches to help his students in the classroom.

Episode Six | Part Two: Jack Derby
David concludes his talk with Jack Derby, a long-time startup CEO, college professor, investor and volunteer with entrepreneurship organizations. In part two, Jack discusses what he learned about teaching during his time as  a volunteer in the Peace Corps, why his wife Jan has been a vital part of his personal and professional life, and the importance of continuing education. Jack also talks about his $10 million endowment to Tufts, that ensures the university will continue to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the skills to turn ideas into successful ventures.

-Jack received the ACG Boston Lifetime Achievement Award in April, 2019

At the end of 2019, Jack stepped down as Director of the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center due to  health issues in his family which no longer allowed time for his daily three hour commute. He has continued as a Professor of the Practice at Tufts teaching Marketing and Sales, where he has taught for 16 years. Under Jack's leadership the program expanded in the number of its students and events and was officially defined as a "Center" by the University, based on research accomplished by Jack and his students.  


Editing our publications:
In January and June in 2021 we heavily edited our publications on "Writing the Winning Business Plan"  Given the major changes in business creation, we are now updating our "How To" publications twice a year .  You can download this to the right on this page.

You can also find and download our ebooks on "Writing the Winning Sales Plan" and "Writing the Winning Marketing Plan.  

For the 17th year, "Writing the Winning Business Plan" has been used at MIT in its Management in Engineering course, and for the fifth year at Singapore University of Technology & Design.  

Mass High Tech-Jack's Advice to Entrepreneurs

Mass High Tech 

A 20-something launching a new tech company may bring great ideas, energy and dedication to their startup. However, they can always benefit from the experiences of those who have gone before them. So, Mass High Tech invited a handful of experienced members of the New England innovation community to share their own bits of advice to young entrepreneurs.

To set the stage, each person was told, “Imagine that you are talking to a 22-year-old new college grad who has a social media or software startup still in the ‘Mom’s Basement mode.’” They then answered two questions.

Question No. 1: What do they need to know about building and running the company that isn’t taught in school?

Jack Derby, President of Derby Management, co-founder and General Partner of Converge Venture Partners, a Mass High Tech All-Star, and past chairman of Common Angels, the MIT Enterprise Forum and the Association of Corporate Growth.  A Professor of the Practice at Tufts of Marketing, and of "The Art & Science of Sales". Director of the Tufts Entrepreneurship Center and the Cummings Family Professor of Entrepreneurship at Tufts. MIT Lecturer in Management in Engineering in Marketing and in Business Planning

“In my years of coaching, running and venture investing in technology companies, I have never had a company fail because the technology did not work. Sure, there were twists and turns, but ultimately it got worked out. Having said that, I have seen plenty of companies fail, and they primarily failed due to weak management, and specifically CEOs who did not hire people better than themselves in their own respective specialties. 

Lesson #. 1: strong, flexible, passionate and highly skilled management counts more than anything else. Sure, people mouth these words, but they don’t often teach the tactics of what this actually means.”. 

Lesson #2:  Success in any business is about success in Sales!

Question No. 2: Why should they feel confident in today’s business environment?

“Three things: One, there’s (a lot) more equity money available and being invested than last year. Two, the market for social media and capital efficient software is excitingly buzzy, and there’s significant talent available. Three, the support mechanisms in Greater Boston for startups are at a more robust level than I’ve seen in 30 years, so there’s no excuse for not getting experienced assistance.”