Writing Your 2023 Business Plan

Writing and editing business plans is a time-consuming and difficult task, especially if the result is not understood or, worse, your business plan is simply not even read...even by your team or your board!

We really understand business plans! 

Download our Writing the 2023 Winning Business Plan

This been updated many times since 2020, in order to reflect the rapidly changing times.  While we usually believe that creating a long-term business strategy plan is effective, 2023 is not the time for that. Due to the unknowns for this year, it is necessary to tactically plan quarter-by-quarter, considering both the overall business and specifically Sales and Marketing!

Each year,

  • we review more than 1,000+ business plans 
  • We are actively involved in the writing and editing of 100 plus of these. 

    As authors of business plans and founders and cofounders of numbers of startups, we make sure our business plans reflect the vision of both the CEO and the entire management team.  More importantly, we break down business planning into strategies, implementable tactics, action planning and realistic three-year financial plans. 

Over the years, Jack Derby has been...

As a result, we've created a series of rules, tactics and hints as to how to write the best business plans whether you're a first-time startup entrepreneur looking for financing, or an experienced executive planning for new growth for your company.

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You can find these rules in our publication, Writing the Winning Business Plan or you can request a copy directly by contacting Jack at jack@derbymanagement.com.

Reading the Writing the Winning Business Plan is only the beginning of the process. Just as in learning how to drive a car or how to play a sport, reading the rules was usually not good enough to enable you to become an expert. At those times in your life, you needed a coach. Writing business plans is no different.  If you are not that experienced, then you’re typical of the majority of both the entrepreneurs and the seasoned business managers with whom we work.  

"Derby Management was with us at the very beginning of our new business.  We worked hand in hand on the business plan, engaging in active debates at every decision point. The plan was rock solid and delivered.  As the business grew at a meteoric rate passing the $100 million dollar mark, our management team had to assume increasing responsibilities - yet they'd only been on the job for two years.  Derby Management was there for us again, driving home the systematic approach to business planning and critical on-time execution of the plan."
- Ellen Frank, CEO, Serono