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Jan Olmstead has been a business consultant with Derby Management for 15 years.  She offers a unique combination of product development marketing, market research and strategic business experience coupled with a passion for leveraging customer relationships to attain market excellence.

Jan brings to Derby Management specific marketing and product development experience in the field of healthcare beginning with her clinical background in cardiology and evolving into senior marketing director and vice president positions at Becton Dickinson and Kontron Instruments.  Additionally, she has held Vice President marketing and sales positions in a number of high technology companies in a wide variety of markets.

She is heavily experienced in entrepreneurship having started and successfully run two businesses, her first being a medical device sales and distribution company, and her second being, AskAmerica, which specialized in providing customer surveys and focus groups to both emerging and middle market companies.

Jan makes a significant contribution with our customers integrating her 25 years of clinical and business management experience with her expertise in market analysis, customer satisfaction, survey processes and analytics in addition to providing one-on-one senior management coaching. Jan clarifies, often realigns, broadens and strengthens management’s interpretation of their market positioning and impact on the customer’s value chain.  Being a natural insightful business coach, Jan draws on the strengths of all of the management team members to develop highly effective strategic business initiatives and supporting tactics.

Jan’s background includes being a Registered Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner, a Director of Nursing and degrees from Northeastern University