Derby Management is... 


Derby Management Who We Are


...a 30-year-old management consulting firm 

...focused on strategy and business planning

...experts in increasing Sales productivity

...experts in Marketing lead gen productivity 

...1 on 1 management coaches


Each of us have held positions as Presidents, CFOs and VPs of Sales & Marketing of divisions of large corporations in addition to being founders/co-founders of successful startups and emerging businesses. 

      Business & Sales Planning:

  • We...
    • Facilitate highly integrated strategic planning and business planning processes
    • Provide intensive diagnostic “Whiteboarding Sessions”
    • Provide quarterly senior management reviews 
    • Provide consistent follow-on coaching
    • Build business & sales plans with management that provide tactical accountability
    • Execute and stay with you to implement whatever you need
    • Build venture and private equity-ready financial plans taking you through the process

     Sales Enablement & Marketing Optimization:
  • We...
    • Increase quickly the Sales productivity of your team
    • Drive Sales and Marketing management effectiveness everywhere 
    • Optimize your website, implement Hubspot and increase your lead gen.
    • Create highly usable Sales and Marketing processes, tools, metrics and analytics.
    • Conduct market and customer research based on Customer Voice analytics.
    • Run Sales Management Boot Camps with 10-15 diverse managers
    • Build and deliver internal customized Sales training programs.
    Senior Management Recruiting 
  • We've managed a wide variety of businesses and worked in Sales and in Finance for decades in every position from administrators to department heads in both tiny companies and global enterprises across a wide diversity of markets.  As a result, we understand exactly what it takes not only to recruit and onboard the best, but to ensure that those managers remain with your company. 
  • Our value to you is that we recruit faster, with more exactness and at a cost typically less than those recruiters who only dial-for-dollars and have never held management positions in the real world.
  • Only recruit managers in Sales, Marketing and Finance positions
  • A unique approach at less cost than classic dial-for-dollars recruiting firms
     Venture Capital & Private Equity Fundraising
  • Over 25 years, we've directly raised over $840 million in venture & PE funds
  • We work with you in detail to write or polish your business plan
  • We coach you through the presentation process
  • We introduce you to the right angel, venture and PE firms
  • We manage your campaign from beginning to end

    The Value is hands-on experience: "We've Sat In Your Chair"
  • The specific value we provide that differentiates us from everyone else is that we have deep, hands-on operating experience, and all of us have had direct P&L responsibility in a wide variety of industries.