Derby Management is... 

...a 30 year old management consulting firm consisting of 8 senior managers specializing in...

  • ...strategy and business planning 
  • ...sales enablement & marketing productivity 
  • project and development work- We are a "Certified Hubspot agency"
  • ...senior management coaching 
  • ...recruiting senior management for Sales, Finance & Marketing  
Each of us have held positions as Presidents, CFOs and VPs of Sales & Marketing of divisions of large corporations in addition to being founders/co-founders of successful start ups and emerging businesses. 

We provide consulting and hands-on execution services: 

Business & Sales Planning:
  • We...
    • Facilitate highly integrated strategic planning and business planning processes
    • Provide intensive diagnostic “Whiteboarding Sessions”
    • Provide quarterly senior management reviews 
    • Provide consistent follow on coaching
    • Build business & sales plans with management that provide tactical accountability
    • Execute and stay with you to implement whatever you need
    • Build venture and private equity-ready financial plans taking you through the process
Sales Enablement & Marketing Optimization:
  • We...
    • Increase quickly the Sales productivity of your team
    • Drive Sales and Marketing management effectiveness everywhere 
    • Optimize your website, implement Hubspot and increase your lead gen.
    • Create highly usable Sales and Marketing processes, tools, metrics and analytics.
    • Conduct market and customer research based on Customer Voice analytics.
    • Run Sales Management Boot Camps with 10-15 diverse managers
    • Build and deliver internal customized Sales training programs.
Senior Management Coaching:


  • Provide one-on-one confidential sounding board sessions 
  • Work with CEOs, heads of Sales, heads of Marketing and CFOs.
  • Provide consistent monthly and weekly face-to-face and telephone "check-in" sessions
  • Develop and execute management training and development programs

Senior Management Recruiting 

We've managed a wide variety of businesses and worked in Sales and in Finance for decades in every position from administrators to department heads in both tiny companies and global enterprises across a wide diversity of markets.  As a result, we understand exactly what it takes not only to recruit and onboard the best, but to ensure that those managers remain with your company.  Our value to you is that we recruit faster, with more exactness and at a cost typically less than those recruiters who only dial-for-dollars and have never held management positions in the real world.
  • Identify, recruit and onboard senior management
  • Specializing in Sales, Marketing and Finance positions
  • A unique approach at less cost than classic dial-for-dollars recruiting firms

As an outgrowth of our business planning processes, we also provide detailed execution in the area of...

Venture Capital & Private Equity Fundraising
  • Over 25 years, we've directly raised over $840 million in venture & PE funds
  • We work with you in detail to write or polish your business plan
  • We coach you through the presentation process
  • We introduce you to the right angel, venture and PE firms
  • We manage your campaign from beginning to end

Our team is also available to execute on any of these services as interim management.

Derby Management-Who We Are Basically, we provide a variety of services that directly assist the senior management of our customers in improving the performance of their businesses both in the short term of quarterly sales and marketing productivity and in the longer term of achieving annual and multiyear strategies.  

We focus specifically on both early stage and middle market companies, located primarily in New England and New York, with annual revenues between $0 and $250 million.  
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Our customers range across a purposefully broad spectrum of markets from industrial manufacturing to healthcare services to IT hardware, to software of all types, to government agencies and financial services.  These companies range from public corporations to family businesses, to entrepreneurial startups to investor-owned companies.   

Deep Management Experience- "We've Sat In Your Chair"

The specific value that we provide our customers and that differentiates us from everyone else is that we have deep, hands-on operating experience, and all of us have had direct P&L responsibility in a wide variety of industries.  

We can take you from planning to execution and are by your side for whatever you need!