TOFU or BOFU? Time to plan!

With the end of the Q just eight days away (don't plan on anyone working on the 30th before the July 4th weekend/holiday week), it's time to plan the second half of the sales year in terms of strategic focus and where I'm going to focus my management time and my limited budget.  Do I focus on ...

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In an abnormal time of unknowns, in a time of personal fears and anxieties, in a time of flag waving, of violent protests and accusing screams that drown out rational thinking, let us not forget that this sacred day of remembrance is about freedom.  

The 4th along with all of the days not remembered and lives lost in the battles between the states, in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and inches of dirt in countless other wars bring us to today to once again celebrate and pray for freedom in these new battles.   

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