Jack's 3 Rules to his Graduating Students

All The Marbles Today

Rhythms & Taint

Entrepreneurship for the rest of us!

We Run to the Fire!

Marketing & the Importance of Events in an AI world!

Leap Year, March 1st & Q1 Sales Quotas

Sales & the Zen of Cabinet Making

3 Things to do in Sales about Market Volatility in '24 !

Startup Basics...You Gotta Sell Some Stuff!

Folklore, Forecasting & Punxsutawney Phil

I love dark days and black ice!

The Marketing of Prostate Cancer

Writing a 2024 Business Plan is Wicked Tough Work!

Do More in '24!

We Just Need to Get Along Together !

Jack's 3 Rules to his Students

The Rubber, The Road & The Days

Time to be Thankful!!!

Breaking the Rules About Time

Gotta always be planning ahead...even on a Friday!

Thoughts from Kevin on Vanilla Ice Cream!

Remember...we're just selling vanilla ice cream!

Stats, Numbers, Trends...and, of course, Days

Gotta love the math in the Science of Sales!

Gotta have rhythm!

I need to get sales results!

The Criticality of Who Owns What

Basic Foundations of Teaching Entrepreneurship

It's time to block off some time!

Myth: If you build a better mousetrap, they will come.

In the heat of the summer, it's still about the math

The Tip of the Spear

What it's like teaching "The Science of Sales"

TOFU or BOFU? Time to plan!

The Rhythm of Successful Selling

Cut the burn...or maybe not?!?

You can't plan results!

Salespeople should not be going back to the office!

Every call is a cold call!

Sales Basics Taught by my Students

Jack's Three Rules for my Seniors!

The Taxman & the Quota Boss come calling today!

This week, it's all about Tufts!

Spring Cleaning is...

Sleep gets in the way

Spring into Selling More Productively this Spring

Entrepreneurship for the rest of us

Entrepreneurship at its best!

Wicked Winta' Weatha'

Fingers in the dirt

A warm day for spring planning

The Marketing of Me in '23

Just what is Inbound Sales & Marketing?

Bored at Board Meetings? Change Something Now!

Friday 13th - Bad Luck or No Luck at All

Back at it...in a time that needs courage!

The Plan is about the Plan which, of course, is the Plan

The only conditions that count are the conditions in your own head!

Everything is a season...

Entrepreneurship starts with Ideas

Millennials as Purchasing Decision Makers!!!

Sales Success is about Sales Math

2 months to sell?  Really 38 days!

No Profit, No Mission

We're quickly talking our way into a recession !

Tufts Marketing & Sales Projects for the January Semester

Competition is always good!

The 10 Must Do's in your Job Hunt

Push & Plan Ahead This Fall

Marketing is free tacos!

Back to the Rhythm of Everything

Tufts Entrepreneurship births a Juice Company

Tufts Entrepreneurship at its best!

Always a tough Tufts question..."So, just what is marketing?

Gearing up for September at Tufts

Gotta have Rhythm!

The sky is falling! Recession! Inflation! OMG!

It's all about the celebration!

Runnin' out of time...

The Vermont Roof & Trust

Successful Entrepreneurship = Successful Sales

Don't just remember, do something!

Everything is about effective marketing!

No such thing as bad luck

Jack's 3 Rules to his students...

Just what is "Value Marketing & Selling"?

5 things you need to know for your presentation success

It's a season of entrepreneurship everywhere!

Entrepreneurship for the rest of us...

Not a time to be fooled...

What the heck is marketing anyhow?

the science & guessing of forecasting...

Always good to have birthdays!

The meek will inherit nothing...

It's time to be entrepreneurish

We all need a Plan B

Need to get on the other side of the table...

Be bold & be right, or...

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth!

It's January, it's wicked cold, and we gotta sell some stuff...

Your business plan isn't that important, it's the process

Just one '22 resolution for me

Putting points on the board-Grades & Quota

Jack's 3 Rules at semester end

Now, it's all about your closing tactics!

Taint nothin'

6 High Impact Value Adds to your '22 plans

What we're hearing about 2022

The number is 40ish

Come & write a book with me...

Note today from the beach... Gotta love what you do!

5 things you need to know about recruiting sales talent

Congratulations on finishing the Q on plan!

So, just what is marketing anyhow?

Leaf Peepin' in Vermont...it's the season

This year starts right now...

For planning for '22, first enjoy this weekend!

David Meerman Scott says it best about finding time

The Dog Days of Summa'

Sleep, Selling & Science-welcome to Friday!

9 to 5 ???  Are you still using typewriters also?

Entrepreneurship & the Olympics

Do you have a minute?

Bayer?  Beah?  Bare?  Bear?  Gotta use the same language!

Celebrate, Celebrate & Celebrate some more!

Are you Orvis or Carhartt?

Gettin' your fingers in the dirt

You want success?  You gotta sell more stuff!

The problem is actually making the marketing choices!

It's not enough to Lean In...gotta Step Up!

...just plain ol' Vermont grit

end of semester & the 3 Rules of Jack

If it's April 16th, must be snowin' in VT

Gotta Love April!

2021 is not going to be the same; it'll be better!

What are you planning for tomorrow?

just how do you want your spaghetti cooked?

So, you want to blog?  Here's 3 winning tactics from my students

Learning from my students...4 tactics for winning presentations

just waiting for the spring this AM

ya gotta love what you do...

Zen & the science of snowblowing

2021 & a new edit to "Writing the Winning Business Plan"

Time to get your fingers deep in the crankcase oil!

2021...a year of big changes in Sales

2021 a year all about change...

Just one word this morning...

Accurate sales forecasting-all about the science!

Does structure influence results?

Today's number is 20!

"Jack's 3 Rules" to his students as the semester ends

Lessons from a Tufts alum on making the best presentations!

Tufts Stuff... Marketing projects & jobs opportunities

The business of business...

Still a student after all these years...

Ben Franklin...the original blogger

Winhall VT, the New York Times & a world of change

Who are your most valuable salespeople?

The marketing of me...and you

Summa's done, getting ready for the fall

The Plan is the Plan except when it isn't

Change comes to "The Boys on the Bench"

today is just a finite fraction in the infinity of time

Do not confuse bounce with recovery


Creating your own single source of truth

Slow down, reduce the lanes & focus!

Welcome to the Summa'  What's your shelf life going to be?

Embracing healthy change in unhealthy times

Would you...could you...Free Solo?

No more Joey BagaDonuts

I attended Tufts graduation last Sunday in the new normal...

ok, now what do I do to sell? 

Putting in place a very straight line sales plan

A morning of jumbled thoughts...

Right Answers, Wrong Questions

Focus on what you can control...and that's a lot!

In the belly of the beast

Prepare, Be positive & Stand up!

Throw out the plan and survive!

Fear & Hope?  What can I do?

Sugarin' season in Sales

Most sales "training" is a waste of time

In Sales you need to have a backup key !

Workin' hard into February

Strategy is kinda important, but activities are critical

Want more customers?  Maybe a great job?  All about your connections!

2020-a year to be very curious

Today...We Gotta Get Moving!

Enjoy Your Entrepreneurial Break !

End of the Year- "Git-R-Done"

Transitions & Next Chapters...Great time of year to make changes!

10 Lessons in Entrepreneurship from 20 Entrepreneurs!

3 Early 2020 Sales Predictions

Rod Stewart is Keeping Me Awake!

I'm a brand...and so are you!  3 steps to enhance that brand!

When you're going through hell, what do you do?

Move From Culture to Cult

Ideas for Managing Change this Fall