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Just what the heck does it mean to “Enable” sales?

Enable Sales

I’m an enabling kind of guy…I think.  I enjoy making things happen in my day-to-day: connecting people, improving this and building that.  I like tearing things apart that aren’t working well or are badly fraying around the edges and then reconstructing them on a firmer foundation. 

Derby Management, Box 171322, Boston MA 02117

Do You Trust Me Now?

Trust in Sales

Last week’s blog dealt with that big word, “TRUST” as seen from the other side of the windshield of the increasingly complex world of the sales warrior.  In a fast-paced, over-charged environment which bombards me with thousands of marketing messages a day, just where does that trust thing figure in?  

Derby Management, Box 171322, Boston MA 02117

"Trust me on this"...and Sales


"You need to trust me on this..."

Derby Management, Box 171322, Boston MA 02117

Wishin' & Hopin'...and Sales

Hope is not a sales strategy

Winds so strong last Friday night that they blew away the outside temperature thingy that transmits to the inside display, so I had no idea what the conditions would be out on the hill Saturday morning.  Not a big deal to normal people; big deal to riders and skiers-it's all about the layers. 

Derby Management, Box 171322, Boston MA 02117

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